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What if.. (23)

The girls sat in the back seat of Bandar's car as he drove through the streets of Riyadh, taking them to see their friend at the hospital. Hind was looking out of the window lost in her thoughts about Bandar.
How did things change so suddenly? She thought to herself, why was he acting this way? Is it something she did? Was it because she went to the meeting? Did he want her to not go? She didn't get it.. everything was perfect when he was in Dubai with her.. the shopping trip.. the proposal.. she could see his love in his eyes.. what happened all of a sudden?
Her thoughts were interrupted when Bandar pulled over at the hospital's entrance,
"Tefa'6elo.." he mumbled,
"Ma ra7 tanzel ma3ana?" asked Sara,
Hind saw him looking at her through the mirror infront of him but remained quiet.
"La, 3endi shwayat she'3el baro7 ilmaktab, ashoofkum fe ilbait ba3dain inshallah"
"Ok" answered Sara, pushing Hind out of the car.
"7ata ma yeshtehy y6ale3ny Saro.." said Hind when they were entering the hospital,
"Ela ma shal 3aina mn 3alaich! Zain ma de3amna! Madry shlon we9alna belsalama.. il7imdillaaaa Allah salamna!! 6oool il6ereeg o uhwa y6al3ech 3alaich mn ilman'6ara!"
"Hahaha Saro yalsa5eefa!! o ba3dain ma chefta y6ale3ny"
"Wain tchoofeena o inty mtan7a fe ilshare3 chinich awal mara etchoofeen sheware3 ne'6eefa.. fashalteena.. al7en beygoloon ildo7a mafeeha sheware3 3adla!"
"hahaha 9ij mafeeeha! kel ilsheware3 construction!"
"eee 3ad latfehmeenhum '3ala6.. they're working to make a better future for the next generations.. yallah 3ad.. la tbawzeen jedam Maha.. broo7ha miskeena ily feeha mkafeeha.."
"ee I know.."
They reached Maha's room, knocked the door and entered to find their friend lying in bed watching friends on MBC 4,
"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I miss you guuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuys!!!"
They ran to her and hugged their friend, after 5 minutes of hugging and I miss you, Sara jumped looking for the baby..
"Wain my prince? Wain rayel binty?"
"heheh they're changing his pampers.. oh here they come"
The nurse came in carrying a pink bundle in her arms.
"Mahooy.. Allah y'3arbelech.. yayba bnaya wela walad?" asked Sara,
"haha Talal.. walad ya3ny"
Sara held baby Talal in her arms and looked at him in wonder,
"Mahooy pink pyjamas and pink everything.. shnawya 3ala ilwalad..?!"
"hehehe taby tsaweeh gay.. you know how she loves being friends with gay guys.. betsawy wa7ed 3endaha fe ilbait permanent" said Hind giggling,
"Wallah Bandar yelbes pink tshirts sometimes o he ALWAYS looks good," said Maha nudging Hind with her elbow.
Hind looked down at her ring and felt the tears rushing to her eyes,
"weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeyh 3ad al7en arjooch latfet7een 7aljha 3alaina! ma 9adagt tasket..!"
"Laih? What's happening with Bandar Hind?" Maha asked her friend concerned,
"Madry Maha he's acting weird since our trip to Dubai, ya3ny everything was going so well o ba3dain madry sh9ar.."
"Don't worry 7abeebty wallah he loves you, he's just being paranoid o he's jealous o ma yeb'3a ygoolek.."
"JEALOUS? Are you serious? he has nothing to be jealous of.. wallah wallah wallah Sultan is out of my life forever.."
"Why are you telling me? Tell him.."
"Bs Mahooy he doesn't want to talk to me"
"Jarabty o gal lek I'm not interested?"
"La.." she whispered,
"Uff yeqheroon ilnas ily in love ha?" laughed Sara
"eee marra" answered Maha laughing
"Hanood gooly 7ag Maha 3an the ring mal B"
"What ring.. tell me tell meeeee...." begged Maha,
"I feel stupid wallah bs after he travelled from Dubai I missed him so much fa while I was shopping re7t Cartier and had them engrave our names into a wedding band for him" she said blushing,
"aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw.. ma gal ly Bandar,"
"He doesn't know.. I didn't get a chance to give it to him" answered Hind,
"Didn't you just see him?"
"hmm.. bs ma 3a6any wayh Mahooy.. ma a3arf shasawy" she said hugging her friend with tears in her eyes,
"Wait a minute.."
Maha leaned over to the table next to her and took her phone,
"Aloo.. hi 7abeeby.. ta3al ly ilmostashfa shway.. e Hind ta3bana teb'3a terja3 ilbait.. la ilsawag kalamta ma yegdar yejy.. 6ayeb.. la Sara btebga ma3y tsaleeny shway.. ok.. bagool laha.." she hung up and turned to Hind, "he'll be here in 5 minutes, yallah go get ready!"
"Get ready to do what?"
"ee ya3ny goomy put some lipstick on, brush your hair, put on some blusher.. do something mub teg3edeenly mtan7a chethy!" said Sara pushing her friend into the bathroom.
Hind did as instructed by her friends, then went back into the room,
"Do you have the ring with you?" asked Maha
"eee" she replied,
"You better give it to him.. itha ma shefta in his hand today I will kill YOU"
"hehehe Mahooy la 5ara3teeny.."
Maha's phone beeped and she looked up at Hind, "yallah go he's downstairs,"
"Ok.. love you.." she said as she rushed out to meet him.
"I hope this works.." said Sara after her friend left..
"hmmm inshallah" answered Maha.
Hind felt her heart beating faster as she got closer to Bandar's car, she could see him sitting in the driver's seat looking so handsome in his thobe and '3etra, she walked to the passenger's side and opened the door,
"ilsalam 3alaikum" she whispered as she entered the car
"3alaikum ilsalam.."
he drove off looking straight ahead as if she wasn't in the car with him, 10 minutes later at a traffic light he finally turned to look at her,
"are you really tired?"
she was just about to answer, embarressed because she was sure he realised this was a plan for them to be alone together,
"do you mind if we go to lunch? I'm hungry" he continued.
"umm la 3adi.. yallah we'll go" she couldn't read his expression as his eyes were hidden under his silver raybans.
5 minutes later they were walking into TAO, he asked for a private room and the waiter led them towards it.
"Hind I need to talk to you" said Bandar as soon as the waiter left them alone, he was sitting on the sofa opposite her avoiding to look at her..
"I.." he started,
"No don't Bandar.. it's ok.. ya3ny if you don't want to be with me I understand.. I know that I'm high maintenance.. so I don't blame you.. ya3ny it's true that I was falling for you.. and that I imagined our life together.. bs ya3ny 3adi tara.. you'll always be my friend.. o this would never change our relationship or how I feel towards you.. fa don't feel awkward wala shay.. please" Hind tried to force a smile even though she could feel the tears dropping down her face.
"Hind.. what the hell are you talking about!!?" he said getting up from his side of the table and sitting next to her.."are you breaking up with me?" he continued.
"No.. you are" she said as he hugged her
"Are you crazy? Hind I love you.. I was jealous I thought you wanted to go back to Sultan bs didn't know how to tell me.. Hind.. 7abeebty.." he said kissing her head "I'm sorry.. I'm sorry ya galby.. wallah iny a7ebek.. I was so jealous.. I couldn't sleep.. all I could think of is going back to Dubai and killing that idiot so we can get rid of him forever.."
"7abeeby.." she whispered against his chest.."I love you too.." she said looking up at him..
He kissed her forehead softly, then her eyes, her nose.. and finally her lips..
"7abeebty.." he said as she looked down at her hands, too shy to look at him, "look at me.." he whispered lifting her face with his finger, "do you have any idea how long I waited to do this?" he asked, kissing her again..
"Bandaar.." she whispered pushing him away reluctantly.. "3aaib ifre'6 reja3 ilwaiter?"
"He won't.. I told him not to bother us" he laughed
"hehehe Bandaar" she said blushing,
"I have something for you.." she said reaching to her handbag and pulling out the small maroon box. "Before I give you this, I want to tell you that yes, I will marry you, and yes we'll be the happiest couple on earth inshallah.. I bought this to tell you that I love you.. I think I loved you for a long time I just never saw it.. so.. Bandar.. umm.. would you please wear this? I don't want any girl to ever look at you.. you're mine and mine only" she said opening the box to reveal the ring she got him.
"7abeebty.." he said as he put the ring on and pulled her closer to him. "Allah la ye7remny minik" he whispered kissing her again.