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What if.. (22)

Bandar was grinning as he held his baby nephew and touched his soft hair, Talal responded with high pitched squeal, his face turning red and wrinkled.
"Hhehe he doesn't like me" he said as he handed over the baby to his mother,
"Ilfal lek inshallah 7abeeby" said Maha with a smile,
"hmmm.. it's not going so well Maha.."
"I know.. Hind was telling me when this happend" she said pointing at the baby,
"What did she say?"
"She said that you were acting weird and that she was falling in love with you and she thinks you realized that's she's not worth the trouble bs mub 3aref shlon te6la3 mn ilmaw'6oo3.."
"WHAT? She really thinks that?"
"Bas I didn't do anything!! Ya3ny I was jealous and didn't know how to deal with it.. I can't believe she thinks like this!" he yelled,
"Shhhh... you're scaring my baby.. it's ok 7abeeby he's not usually mean like that.. he's just in love.." she said giggling,
"Maha.. hatha wagta? Are you serious? This is how she thinks of me? She think's I'm like that loser?"
"Bandar, why are you acting like a teenager? I didn't say she was comparing you to him, all I'm saying is that she's vulnerable and cannot deal with hal7arakat, so be straightforward, you're worried about something.. tell her.. it's better than hiding it and acting all weird around her. She honestly can't take that and you know. As her friend I'm telling you, don't hurt her."
"You know I love her"
"I know.. bs that's not enough, she has to be your priority and if you want to be with her you have to think before you do anything, she might seem to be tough but she's not."
"I know.."
"Are you picking her up from the airport?"
"Picking what?"
"She's coming today.. she didn't tell you?"
"No.." he whispered, "she thinks I don't want to talk to her, and you were in labour so I didn't call her.. I forgot and.."
"WHAT? Are you planning on giving her a heart attack? Tlageeha she was crying all night ams.. oh my god I can't believe you can be this stupid!!!"
"MAHA! I'm your older brother, don't talk to me like this!"
"Wallah.. I'm being honest.. 3ashanek my older brother lazem tkoon fahem.."
"When is she coming?"
"Today at 2, Sara ma3ha"
10 minutes later she watched him leave the hospital room, his shoulders slumped.
"Sarooo.. I'm sad.."
"Yallah 3ad.. ma 3endich salfa.. inzain o you had your first fight, it's not even a fight it's you being dalee3a o sa5eefa, e wallah you don't want to talk to me!"
"E ya3ny I said that o ma 3ad kalamny!"
The girls were arguing while on their flight to Riyadh, Hind couldn't stop thinking about Bandar, missing him and looking forward to seeing him and at the same time worried of what will happen.
"Ya3ny his sister was in labour for 12 hours, tabeena y5aleeha o yeg3ad y7ateech.. 9ij sa5eefa Hindo!"
"Ya 7mara you're my friend! ilmafro'6 ma tgoleeenly chethy.."
"E he's my friend ba3ad.. o I know him.. o I know he loves you, bas 3ad 3an il7arakat inty o weyah o get married already o fekoona!"
"Et-hagain a36eeh the ring when I see him?"
"eee o labseeh iyah ba3ad!"
"hahaha te5ayelay.. uhwa sh6oola o ana ga3da alabsa a ring!"
"Bel3aks wallah cute.. ana lo ily 3endy yer'6a yelbas 5atam chan mn zeman labasta.."
"Yemkin Bandar ba3ad ma yer'6a.."
"Laaaaaaaa mool.. ila beymoot mn ilwanasa"
"You think?"
"ee akeed.."
Hind spent the rest of the flight thinking of Bandar and how much she misses him.
Two hours later the girls were at the passport control getting their passports stamped when Hind's phone rang,
Bandar calling
The policeman gave Hind a disapproving look as she answered the call.
"Hala.. 7amdela 3ala ilsalama" his sounded abrupt even to himself,
"umm allah ysalmek.. shway o ne6la3 bs we need to pick up the luggage"
"Ok I'm waiting outside with the driver"
"Ok I.." Hind whispered as the line went dead, she looked at Sara her eyes filling up with tears, "Saro sakar iltelephone fe wayhy"
"Yemkin ma sme3ach Hanood, 3adi all guys are like this may3arfoon ygoloon bye"
The policeman let out a small laugh and Sara gave him a dirty look grabbing the passports from his hands.
Bandar was waiting outside for the girls at the arrivals gate, their driver was also with him waiting to take the girls luggage to the house while he took them directly to see Maha at the hospital upon her request. He stood thinking about Hind and why he was acting this way towards her. Sultan was always in the picture, and for the past week he was able to push him out of his mind and Hind's mind, or atleast he hoped. But now he was feeling paranoid, all his insecurities all rushing in at once and he felt like he couldn't control the way he acted.
"Asta'3fer Allah.." he whispered. He loved her and he felt that she loved him too, but for some reason he felt that something bad was about to happen and no matter how hard he tried he could not shake that feeling.
He tried to plaster a fake smile on his face as he saw the girls walking towards him, he watched Hind as she walked gracefully, her abaya floating behind her. As she got closer he could see her face clearer, she looked tired, like she hasn't been sleeping well and all he wanted to do was hug her and tell her that he loved her.
Instead as soon as she got close enough he mumbled,
"7amdella 3ala ilsalama.. tfa'6elo nroo7 ilmostashfa for Maha"
As the girls followed him Hind whispered to Sara,
"chefty shlon y7acheeny? chinny '3areeba"
"Hanood ya3ny shtabeena ysawy? yboosech jedam il3alam? wain mfakra roo7ech.. heeeey inty fe ilriya'6 mub fe london!"
"Ok.. benchoof.."
"yallah yallah bs 5al nroo7 nchoof Mahooy o benfaker fe Bandar ba3dain.."
"Ok.." she agreed and walked towards the car with her head down, hoping that things will get better with Bandar.