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What if.. (24)

Two hours later Bandar and Hind were still sitting on the same couch.. well Bandar was on the couch and she was on his lap.. giggling as he whispered in her ear,
"Bandar.. do you realise ina i7na ma te'3adaina? We sat for two hours without ordering.. oh my god what will the waiters think?"
"Hahahha why do you care what they think?"
"Fesheeeela oh my god shlon ba6la3 mn hne? Magdar araweehum wayhy!"
"I love you.." he said, kissing her cheek, she turned around and kissed his forehead,
"I love you too.."
"Do you want to go back to the house wela go see Maha?"
"Oh my god I feel guilty nesait'ha! I'm such a bad friend!"
"hehe la you're not.. I'm just so charming nasaitek ildinya o ily feeha"
"hehehe you are 7abeeby.. sh9ar 3ala Maha's husband? She doesn't want to talk about it, whenever we bring him up tgool later let me look at my baby"
"I know.. she's upset.. bs kalamny ilyoum o he feels bad for what happened, he realises that his sister is difficult bs ygool she's his only sister o akbar minna o ma yeb'3a yza3elha.. 9ara7a ho rajal 6ayeb.. byejy ilyoum o bey5aly i5ta te3tether o benshoof"
"Good.. we'll convince her.. o anyway she'll stay 3end 5alty until baby 6alal is a bit older.. betehda during that period inshallah"
"And when will we have baby Faisal?" he said putting his hand on her stomache.
"Heheh Bandaaar.." said Hind blushing,
"You know I can't wait for long until the wedding right?"
"hmmm bs ya3ny.."
"No.. Allah ye3lam how long I've been waiting.. I've been ready for a long time, I have my own company, I have a good income, I've built a house which you will decorate 3ala ra7tek.. ya3ny be5te9ar malah da3y ina we delay the wedding"
"hmmm Bandar?"
"wain beykoon baitna?"
"what do you mean?"
"Ya3ny i don't think I can leave Doha.." she whispered.