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What if.. (21)

Hind lay down on her bed with a smile on her face, she couldn't believe how happy she was with Bandar. She was also relieved after seeing Sultan. For years she imagined what it would feel like to see Sultan, she imagined her reaction, she always thought that her feelings for Sultan could never change, he would always remain her first love, her true love. But seeing him changed all that. It felt like she can finally see what he really is. And Bandar.. she thought of him as she was dialling his number..
"Taw ilnas.." he said as he picked up the phone,
"hehe Bandaaaaaaar.. Sorry kint akalem Saro.."
"La wallah?"
"Eeee shfeeek B.."
"Ma feeny shay.." he was still worried about her seeing Sultan, trying to detect any changes in her behaviour, he tried to push all negative thoughts from his mind but he couldn't help feeling paranoid.
"hmm? bs hmmm? mafy 7abeebty.. mafy wa7ashteeny?"
"LA?" what the hell was wrong with him, she thought. "Bandar? Fe shay?" she felt her heart twisting inside her chest, she closed her eyes and tried to breathe calmly trying to push the panic attack that was threatining to start away.
"Ma feeny shay," what's wrong with me, he thought.. why am I acting like such a jerk? "6ayeb.. how was your flight?" he said, hoping to sound natural but his voice came out cold.
"Ok" she whispered.
"hmm.. 5ala9 ana akalmek ba3dain"
"Bandar? Feh shay?"
"La, 5ala9 Hind.. 5aleeny shway barja3 akalmek"
"Ok" she said, a tear slipping down her face.
Just as she was putting her phone down it started ringing.
Maha Calling
"Hi Maha"
"Why do you sound so down? I'm the one that's nine months pregnant, yallah give me an update on all the drama in your life.."
Hind reluctantly told her everything about Sultan, and how much she had fun with Bandar in Dubai before that.
"Ok, so where's the problem? Don't tell me you still like that idiot? Of course you won't tell me I'm Bandar's sister.. you better not break his heart.."
"I think he's breaking mine Maha.." she said not able to control her tears anymore, "I was so happy in Dubai thinking ina a5eeran something good is happening for me, and finally I'll be with someone who really loves me, and we'll build a life together o ilyoum I'm talking to him and he sounded so cold, ya3ny mithel Sultan when he started drifting away.. Maha, I think I'm falling for him.. o uhwa yemkin he decided ina I'm too much trouble and just not worth it.. he's your brother.. bs I'm telling you this as your friend please don't tell him, kfaya ina he yemkin he wants to break up with me, ba3ad beyfaker ina ana aroo7 afaten 3alaih 3end his sister like a baby.. oh my god what the hell am I doing?"
"Shh.. Hind I'm sure you're overreacting.. ya3ny he loves you I know he does.. SHIT"
"What's wrong?"
"Madry, I've been having this pain yroo7 o yerja3.."
"Ya 7mara those are contractions!!!!"
"How far apart are they"
"Wesh darany.. ya3ny ooooooooooooh shit shit shit.. this hurts.."
"Maha.. I'll call Bandar, get ready I think you need to go to the hospital!"
"Hiiiind I'm scared" said Maha as it hit her that she's about to have a baby "please come inty o Sara"
"Ok ok we will now go get ready!"
"Ok I will"
She hung up and dialled Bandar's number immediately; she sat for a minute listening to the long beeps waiting for Bandar to pick up.. 8 beeps she counted, and no answer. She hung up and sent a message:
Hi Bandar, for some reason you don't want to talk to me. I just wanted to tell you that I was talking to Maha and I think she's in labour. Bye.
She sent the message and threw her phone on the floor.
Bandar was standing in his shower, the steaming hot water scalding his skin, thinking of Hind. He loves her so much, for the past 7 years he was fighting a ghost and losing, now Sultan has reentered her life.. what would happen to him? Does it mean that his role is now over? Or did she really mean what she said earlier today? He shook his head as he got out of the shower and wrapped a towel around his waist. I'll call her.. he thought to himself, picking up his phone to dial her number, and he saw her message. He frowned as he read her message, got dressed quickly and ran out of the room to check on his sister, forgetting to call Hind back.
Hind called Sara to tell her about Maha and Bandar.
"Sarooo I think Maha is in labour!"
"Weeeeyh miskeena I promised ina benroo7 laha!"
"ee ana ba3ad gelt laha.. inzain tell your parents o ana ba3ad I'll tell mine 3ashan na7jez o we go tomorrow.."
"eee sh3alaich.. betro7een tchoofeen il7abeeb.." said Sara laughing
"Laaaaaaaaaa moool.. Saro madry shfeh.. I think he changed his mind after he spent time with me in Dubai.." she said in a sad voice, "3ad I feel so stupid.. sawait lah surprise when I was there, I was planning to give it to him when I see him.. ma a7es it's appropriate now.."
"Awal shay.. are you MAD? He would NEVER EVER consider 7ata breaking up with you.. he's CRAZY about you.. se2leeeny.. 9ar lah 7 years ysanderny ana kel youm!! Thany shay.. laish inappropriate? sharya underwear?" she said giggling.
"hahaha ya 7maaara laaaaa! I feel embaressed ya3ny fesheela shway bs I bought him a platinum wedding band mn cartier and I got them to engrave our names on it mn da5el"
"aaaaaaaaaaaaaw sooo cute!!! It's not inappropriate 7abeebty wala fesheela bel3aks wayed beyestanes when he sees it.."
"Saro he's acting weird.."
"Hind.. you went to see your ex, ily you've been hung up on for years and years.. how do think he'd feel?"
"hmm maybe you're right.. bs madry mub merta7a.."
"Te3awethy mn iblees o goomy let's pack 3ashan nroo7 7ag ilbnaya miskeena"
"Ok.. yallah let me call my parents.."
"Ana ba3ad yallah"
The girls hung up and talked to their parents to get ready to see their friend and hopefully her baby the next day. Hind packed her suitcase, thinking about everything she'll wear while she's there since technically she was Bandar's fiancee, even though he doesn't really want to talk to her.