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What if.. (20)

Bandar sat in his office looking furiously at his phone willing it to ring. He had called Hind 10 times since the morning and she still didn't answer. What if she saw Sultan and all her feelings came back again. He couldn't take this anymore, so he decided to call Sara.


"Aloo mar7aba Sara.. kaifek?"

"Tamam sha5barek B?"

"Zeft.. where the hell is your friend? I've been calling her mn il9eb7 o hy ma tred!"

"hheheh 3adi B laish m3a9eb?"

"La wallah? Ma tedreen laih? What if she sees .."

"What if what Bandar? Stop being paranoid.. kelesh ma atwaqa3 anything will happen" she wanted to sound confident but deep inside she was also worried about her friend.. where was she.. she was calling her herself and still got no answer.

Bandar heard his phone beeping while he was talking to Sara, he looked at the screen and saw Hind's name flashing.

"She's calling me, I'll talk to you later.."

"Ok.. bye"

Bandar switched the lines quickly,



"inty wain?" he snapped at her,

"hehe wain ya3ny.. besmilla 3alaik.. ams kint ma3ay.. ana fe Dbai"

"Testahbelain 3alay Hind?"

"Hehe la wallah min 9ijy"


"3yoon Hind"

"Hind.." he repeated, his anger subsiding slowly.

"7abeeb Hind" she whispered,

He sighed feeling a bit better,"wain kinty? Kalamtek o ma radaity 3alay? wesh9ar?"

"Wala shay I was shopping.."

"Shopping? what about your meeting?"

"5ala9t o re7t shopping before coming to the airport.."

"Hind.. la testahbelain 3alay please"

"heheh meen yestahbel?"

"Hind.. wesh 9ar ma3ek?"

"Wala shay.. we discussed the project and I left o re7t ilsoog.. kan feh shay mwa9ya 3alaih ams and I went to pick it up.. bs"

"Bas? you discussed work? O ma gal lek wala shay?"

She sighed, not really wanting to tell him what happened.


"Hind gooleely wesh gal lek.. la te7regeen a39aby akthar"

"Nothing.. he tried to apologize o ma 3aa6aita wayh.."

"Apologize? o wesh radaity 3alaih?"

"Bandar.. ya3ny lazem agool lek iny mesa7t feh ilar'6?"


"ee hay illy taby tsem3a!"

"Raya7teeny Allah yray7ek.."

"You were worried?"

"What do you think?"

"I think I love you" she whispered

"What did you say?"

"Heheh you heard me.." she said giggling like a teenager. "Yallah I think I have to board the flight.. I'll call you from Doha"

"To9leen belsalama galby.. bye"

He hung up the phone with a huge smile on his face, finally relieved after 3 days of constant worrying.

Sultan couldn't believe what just happened. First of all he was shocked when he saw her, she was always beautiful, but now she was on a different level of beauty; her features were sharper, stronger and there was a harshness in her eyes that was scary to him and yet so appealing. He missed her. At first after he left her he thought he was better off, his wife to be at that time was a sweet teenager, not much older than Hind herself, and her father was so willing to help Sultan out with his career, something that Sultan valued highly, therefore at the beginning of his marriage Sultan did his best to keep his young bride happy, however as she got older his wife became more demanding emotionally, and Sultan had no love to give her. He didn't hate her, but he never felt with her what he had felt with Hind. That was when he started missing Hind. Several times he would consider calling her and then he would change his mind.. what would he say? he thought to himself. Until the day got that email from her boss: Miss Hind Al-........ will be coming to see you. It was a sign from God, he convinced himself. "I'm sure she was shocked.. she still wants me.. I can tell.. wela laish lail7en ma tezawejat.. and her anger.. she was angry because she wants me and she can't have me.." he told himself, satisfied with this theory, Sultan sat at his desk and decided that this was the right to time to draft an email to Hind, telling her that he has not forgotten their love and that he had a proposition for her..

Seeing you today has reminded me of what I was missing in my life. It's true that I let go of you a long time ago, and I agree that what I did was wrong, but you don't know what kind of pressure I was under at that time. My father's company was in debt, he owed millions to the banks and I was his only hope, but I was only a student, there's only so much I could do, 

he stopped at this point.. can I tell her that I got married for money? That doesn't sound right, I can't say that, thought Sultan as he deleted the last sentence and continued his email.
My mother was sick. She wanted to see me married, I told her that I don't want to get married, that I was in love with someone in London but she wouldn't listen. I came back to Dubai for the summer and found that my parents had already proposed to my wife on my behalf.

This sounds better, thought Sultan with a smile.
What was I supposed to do? Break my mother's heart? You know how much I love her, I am her first born, I am the one who will carry on the family's name. I was shocked when I found out, and I was going to tell you.. I really was, and everytime I talked to you I would try but I couldn't.. I couldn't break your heart.. I loved you too much.. I couldn't see you hurt.. So I chose the hard way, I decided that if I stayed away from you, you would eventually get over me.. but I knew that I would never get over you. I loved you and will always love you. I know you won't believe me but this is the truth.

Hind.. my love.. my only love.. do you know that I named my first child after you.. she's my favourite.. because she has your name.. I hope that you can forgive me.. I love you and always will.. I know that at the beginning you will not believe me, but I hope that you will give me the chance to prove it to you. I am unhappy in my marriage.. there's nothing wrong with my wife, she's a sweet woman.. she's dedicated to my children.. she's educated.. she's beautiful.. her only fault is that she's not you.. I love you.. and only you.. remember how we used to plan our kids' future? Remember how we used to talk about Dubai.. and how happy we will be together? It can still happen.. Hind.. You're not married.. I know this is not the right way to do this... but I love you.. I want you to be my wife.. and don't worry.. nothing will change with my wife.. I know how kind and considerate you are.. she will always be um 3yaly.. but you will be my love.. my queen.. just say yes.. and I promise that I will make up for all the lost years..

Your love,


sounds good, he thought clicking send.

"Saroooooooooooo" said Hind as soon as her friend picked up the phone

"Hanoooooooood ya 7mara I missed you!! o ba3dain inty wain?! mitna ana o Bandar o i7na nete9el feech!"

"Hahah ee adry gal ly.. I was shopping.."

"E o 6ab3an as usual tensain umech o ubooch o inty shopping!"

"Hehe la kan my phone silent mn ilmeeting o nesaita.. sha5bar?"

"Inty gooleely sha5bar? Sh9ar m3 il3ela Sul6an?"

"Heheh Saroooo fatech no9 3omrech!! Kan lazem tchoofeen shlon 9ar shaklah!"

"Shlon.. '6a7keeny.. mub mn zeena a9lan bs I assume ina 9ar a5as" Sara was relieved that Hind no longer loved Sultan, but wanted to make sure that her friend did not have any lingering feelings for him.

"eeeeeee.. my first reaction was wa3.. and then '6e7akt fe wayha hahahah I couldn't stop laughing Saro! Ma2saaaa 9ar shaklah! He looks creepy o slimy madry shlon, t7eseena y6al3ech ma bagy ila he starts drooling.. wa3 wa3 wa3"

"eeew eeew lawa3ty chabdy!"

"hehehhe 9ij wallah I'm not kidding. Ya3ny I compared him to Bandar.. mafy moqarana at all!!"

"Hindo Bandar is hot.. ya3ny ana taken o a7eb my fiance.. but he's hot.. let's just be honest here.. sa3at I do get jealous hehehe"

"heheheh Saro yalsa5eefa.. "

"ee Hanoood ya3ny kfaya ilshoulders and abs.. ya3ny the abs ybaynoon mn ta7t ilt-shirt"

"Saro! shchayfa ba3ad o ma gelteely?"

"Heheh his legs Hanood.. last time lama chefnah fe bait'hum in Riyadh labes shorts.. way way way.. shway dar rasy"

"SAROOOO!" screamed Hind laughing.."Ya 7mara he's mine! and you're engaged.. you love your fiance.. remember him?"

"Heheh just because you're on a diet doesn't mean you can't look at the menu"

"heheheheh kalba.."

"Inzain o ba3dain shgal lech 3ogob ma '6e7akty fe wayha.. what happened?"

"He wanted to explain why he did what he did.."

"wa3 wa3 wa3.. now? how lame!"

"adry.. 6ab3an 9ara5t 3alaih o ma 5alait shay ma gelta.. and you know what I feel now?"


"T3arfeen lama takleen shay 5ayes y9eer feh this disgusting taste in your mouth and you feel nauseated for the rest of the day o t7eseen ina no matter what you eat after it yebga this taste? This is how I feel.. he's such a pathetic person.. I don't know how I didn't see it before.."

"Hmm.. none of us saw it sweety.. we were all shocked.."

"Yeah..anyway.. I miss Bandar.. having him here felt so right.."

"Kalamteh 3ogob ma we9alty ildo7a?"

"No not yet.."

"Inzain call him miskeen.."

"Ok 7abeebty.. yallah talk to you later.."