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What if.. (17)

"Ooooh I love surprises" she lied. She hated surprises, and she hated it more when she had to act happy when the surprise was not really surprising at all. "I thought he knew me better than that" she said to herself.
"Hahah inshallah te3jebek"
"I can't wait!" she said with fake enthusiasm.
They got to the hotel 10 minutes later,
"Yallah 7abeebty go get ready for dinner and I'll wait for you in the lobby"
"Ok.." she said smiling.
She went to her room took a quick shower and started getting dressed. She took out her shopping bags and started going through the stuff she bought since she had not brought many outfits with her from Doha. Half an hour later she was ready for dinner, she wore a silk knee length dress, high heel sandals and let her hair fall down her back in natural waves, just the way Bandar likes. She smiled at her reflection in the mirror, thinking how lucky she was to have Bandar and how stupid she's been for the past 7 years. "I can't believe I didn't see it in his eyes" she thought.
She went down to the lobby and found him sitting on one of the large sofas by the entrance, she stood for a few seconds, a few meters away from him, he hadn't noticed her yet, he was typing something on his phone with a frown on his face, his hair still wet, wearing a white shirt that showed his tan and a pair of jeans, his long legs streched infront of him. "Ya Allah 9ij ana '3abeya" she mumbled to herself. She smiled and walked towards him.
"Hala 7abeebty" he said as he looked up at her and smiled, "yallah let's go.."
She put her arm in his and turned towards the door.
"Wain ray7a?"
"Bene6la3? Mub feh surprise?"
"Ela.. bs meen gal ina bene6la3?"
She frowned.. What the hell was his surprise then?
He lead her towards the lifts and pressed down,
"What's down?"
"That's the surprise.."
The lift took them to the basement and they entered the restaurant where the buffet is,
"Ta3aly 7abeebty.."
"Hmmm" she said and plastered a huge grin on her face, she looked around her, "'3areeba mafy 7ad hne Bandar.."
"Come.." he pulled her from her arm towards the glass door that led to the swimming pool, he opened the door and out of no where a lebanese maitre d' jumped in his face.
"Mar7aba monsiuer Bandar.. keefak? tfadhal tfadhal.. 7adharnalek kelsheee 6alabto..."
She frowned looking at Bandar and back at the lebanese guy..
and then she looked around her.. the place looked gorgeous! The swimming pool was in the middle of the courtyard with small tents infront of it, each one with a table inside. The one in the middle was set for dinner with candles and the WHOLE courtyard was filled with red roses and candles.
"Bandar..." she looked up at him, and he pulled him to her,
"My proposal was lame.." he laughed, blushing.. HE was getting shy!
"I didn't intend it to be like that.. I had the whole thing planned, but then you freaked out and started crying and I didn't know what to do.. so this is my formal proposal.. Hind.. I love you.. I've always loved you.. Will you marry me?" he said looking into her eyes.. "Shhh don't cry again and ruin my second proposal!!" he said hugging her.
"Yes.. yes.. I will marry marry you" she whispered into his chest.