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What if.. (18)

The next morning Hind woke up with a smile on her face, she picked up her phone to check the time and found a text message from Bandar:

Good morning 7abeebty, kalmeeny awal ma te97een. I love you.

She kissed her phone and got out of bed feeling silly. After her shower she called Bandar,
"9aba7 il5air 7abeeby" she said with a smile,
"9aba7 il5air ya galby.. ha are you ready?"
"Laa ay ready tawny I took a shower.. give me half an hour and I'll meet you at the reception"
"Ok 7abeebty, I'll be waiting"
Half an hour later she headed to the reception, she found Bandar standing next to the water fountain at the door frowning and yelling into his phone,
"La la.. Yumma ma yseer ketha! 6ayeb hy wesh feeha al7een? La ana magdar ajy.. 5aly Khaled yet9araf.. 6ayeb dary inha i5ty.. ya yumma 9aly 3ala ilneby.. asta'3fer Allah.. o ana wesh gelt al7en.. 6ayeb 5aleeny akalemha"
"Bandar shfeeha Maha?" said Hind tugging at his arm, he only had one sister and he was yelling so there must be something wrong with her friend.
"Is the baby ok? Bandar shfeeha lat5are3ny!!" she continued when he ignored her.
"Ee hala Maha.. 6ayeb haddy haddy.. ee.. 6ayeb.. o ba3dain wesh gal lek? ma3gooola Sa3ad yejy mina halkalam? asta'3fer Allah.. hathy injanat? La ma ra7 a5aleeha.. ee 7abeebty.. inty haddy o aham shy 9e7etek.. o ma 3alaik minna ana a3ref arabeeh.. la bokra ana raje3 7abeebty.. 6ayeb.. o 5aly ummy t'hady a39abha.."
She was dying to know what's happening.. "Bandar shfeeha Maha? 5alny akalemha please!!"
"ee hathy Hind teb'3a tet6aman 3alaik.. 6ayeb 7abeebty m3 ilsalama.."
He handed the phone over to Hind, who was waiting anxiously by his side, she took the phone and walked away from Bandar.
"Hi Maha shfeech?" she could hear her friend crying on the other end of the line.
"Wala shay.."
"Shlon wala shay what's wrong tell me.."
"That bitch!! I don't know why she hates me! She just wants to ruin my life!!"
"What did she do this time?" Maha's sister in law was over 30 and unmarried.. she was a bitter ugly woman.. ugly from the inside that is. Since the day Maha got married that woman hated her and did all she could to get her brother to leave Maha, but Maha's husband Sa3ad was a sweet natured guy and really loved his wife, however apparently this time the sister succeeded in getting through to him. Hind listened patiently as Maha told her what happened between them, and how his sister managed to blow the situation out of proportion to the extent that Sa3ad threatened divorce.
"Shhh it's ok 7abeebty.. Bandar beyey o bey7el ilmaw'6oo3.. la I'll be fine shda3wa.. shbeyseer ya3ny? Maha min 9ijich? la la don't argue.. 5ala9 al7en beya7jez we just have to check the flights.. Maha please latsaween chethy.. if I could come I would.. ee.. hmm.. ok.. e bagool 7ag Saro.. ok 7abeebty.. u too.. bye.."
She handed the phone back to Bandar,
"Wesh tgool?"
"She needs you.."
"I know.. bokra I'm going back inshallah.."
"Bandar! She needs you now!! I told her that you'll be on the first flight back to Riyadh"
"Ya salam? o 9erty tqarereen 3anny? hatha o ana tawy 5a6abtek ams?"
"Bandar, I'm serious you have to go.."
"La. Don't argue with me.. ma ra7 a5aleek tro7een l'hal 7ayawan l7alek"
"Bandar.. I can handle this. I'm not a baby.. I know you love me.. bs this is something I have to do.. and it would be better if I did it alone. Your sister needs you. Please.. she's my friend and she needs you.. You have to go.."
After an hour of arguing Bandar finally agreed to go back. Two hours later they were heading to the airport.
After dropping off Bandar at the airport Hind had nothing to do.. so she decided to go shopping in Emirates Mall.. "my therapy" she thought to herself.
She reached the crowded mall and entered through Kempinski hotel, passing through the lobby and heading to the shops, walking sullenly through the mall wishing Bandar was with her, and worrying about her friend. She was nine months pregnant for God's sake.. what the hell was her husband thinking putting her through this shit!
When she reached Harvey Nichols' shoe department she smiled, "It's not London.. but it's still great" she said to her self.. she walked through the shelves stacked with Louboutins, Gina's and Choos and smiled as she picked through them deciding what to buy.
Two hours later, with 4 heavy bags Hind felt better and having done enough damage for the day she headed back to the hotel. She decided that she'll spend the rest of the day in bed with room service and watching movies since she didn't really feel like going out alone.
The prospect of meeting Sultan also worried her. She no longer felt scared that she might have feelings for him, what worried her was what would she say to him? Can she act like she doesn't recognise him? Or act as if everything is ok and treat him like a friend she hasn't seen in a long time?
She called Sara to get her opinion,
"Sarooooo" she yelled into the phone when her friend picked up,
"Madry meta betekbereeen.. ygoloon 5a6beenech ams?" laughed her friend,
"Amdach 3erafty?"
"Maha galat ly ams ina Bandar kan msaweelech surprise"
"Ya salaaaaaaaaaaaaam.. Maha ba3ad tedry! Miskeena Mahooy.. deraity shsawat feeha il3anz i5et rayelha?"
Hind recounted the story to Sara, and both were disgusted at how low Maha's sister in law is..
"Inzain o al7een inty broo7ech fe Dbai?"
"O shbetsaween fe il7ayawan ily betchoofeena bacher?"
"Wesho ba3ad? la la daf3y 3anah.. 3ashan a6la3 lech mn iltelephone!"
"La ma adafe3.. bs honestly.. ma a3arf shlon I'll meet him.. ya3ny 3ady asawy roo7y ma a3arfa? wela asawy roo7y mestansa iny chefta?"
"La tefly fe wayha! yestahel '3air chethy!"
"Sarooo! Kalba '6a7akteeny.. la I'm serious.. shasawy?"
"Ana ba3ad serious!!! You better flash that ring of yours infront of him tbe6een 3aina feh.. cheap bastard"
"Hahahahah Saro bas 3ad!"
"Min 9ijjy!!!!"
"Heheheh ok I will.. yallah I'll call you later 3ashan a36eech updates 3an Maha.. oh and I promised her ina benroo7 laha next week when everything settles down.."
"ee inshallah laish la.. yallah talk to you later.. love u!"
"ana ba3ad.. bye"
Bandar was really worried. He really didn't want to leave Hind, but he knew he had to go back to his sister, this idiot was threatening to divorce her because of his sick sister. She's nine months pregnant wela kan ma 5alait'ha 3enda degeega.. he thought to himself. He was also thinking of Hind, and what might happen tomorrow. What if she changes her mind about him when she sees Sultan? Hundreds of different scenarios went through his mind.. "A3ootho bellah min ilshai6an.." he whispered dismissing all thoughts from his mind and trying to concentrate on his sister's situation.
Four hours later Hind was bored in her room, she has already watched 2 movies, ate all the chocolate in the minibar and had a long shower just to waste time. Just as she was about to start her third movie her phone rang.
Bandar Calling
"Aloo.. hi 7abeeby"
"Hala galby"
"Ha basherny 3an Maha.."
"La il7amdela.. kilshy tamam.. jany Sa3ad o 7alaina ilmoshkela.. hy Maha ba3ad allah yehdeeha.. 3a9abeya.. ya3ny hy shaddat ma3ah bezyada.. laken yallah il7amdela"
"Il7imdella aham shay everything is ok al7en?"
"La lessa bs a7san.. maheeb ra'6ya terja3 ilbait'ha.. fa ilwalda galat 5aleeha 3endi lain ba3ad weladat'ha.. o Sa3ad mahoob ra'6y.. madry wallah.." he was tired and stressed from all the yelling and screaming that went on all day.
"Shfeek 7abeeby you sound tired?"
"Ee shway bas.. 6amneeny 3anek, wesh sawaity ba3ad ma safart?"
"Abad I went shopping shway.. o bs reja3t the hotel o ge3adt a6ale3 movies.. it's not the same without u.."
"I'm sorry I left you.. '3a9ben 3anny.."
"I know 7abeeby.. it's ok.. kelaha bokra o barja3 ildo7a"
"Are you ready for your.. e7m.. meeting?"
"ee.. ya3ny it shouldn't be long.. sa3a belketheer.. and then I'll go to the airport 3ala 6ool.."
"hmmm.. intabhy l7alek.." it was not the length of the meeting he was worried about.. it was the person she was meeting.
The next day Sultan woke up with butterflies in his stomache. He was looking forward to seeing her, after all these years, would she still be the same? Hind.. his Hind.. with her long brown hair and big smile. He smiled remembering her face. He took extra care of himself that day, he made sure that his kandoora was ironed to perfection, his hair freshly cut the day before. He finished getting dressed and got out the 3ood and dehn il3ood..
"Sh3endek chinik me3res ilyoum?" said his wife with a sarcastic smile,
"Yaaaaallah 9ba7 5air.. ma 3endich kelma zain tgooleenha 3ala il9eb7?"
"O shoo gelt lek ana? agoolek chinik me3res!"
"Ela tet6anezain!"
"il7imdilla welsheker.. shak fe roo7ek inta?"
She ruined his mood.. as usual, he thought to himself. Since the day they got married he was miserable. The only time he was happy was when his children were around him, they were the reason he lived. He threw himself into work after his marriage and managed to get his father's company out of debt and make it one of the market leaders in a few years. With the help of his father in law ofcourse.
Sultan left the house in his Bentley and headed to his office, looking forward to his 10 am meeting.
Hind woke up with a bad headache and a heavy feeling in her stomache.
"Allah yaster" she whispered to herself as she got out of bed. She took a shower and finished packing her suitcase, barely finding space to fit in all the new stuff she bought yesterday and the day before with Bandar. She smiled as she glimpsed her ring sparkling in the mirror. "I think I do love him.." she thought.
She quickly got ready so she could check out before going to her meeting. She wanted to finish and go to the airport immediately, not feeling like staying in Dubai any longer without Bandar.
It took her 20 minutes to get to the office building where Sultan's company was. She chose to wear a suit for her meeting to appear professional. If only her heart would stop beating so fast.. she thought to herself. Hoping that she doesn't look as nervous as she felt, she went up to the 15th floor where Sultan's office was. She walked up to the secretary and introduced herself,
"Hello, I'm Hind Al-........... I'm here to meet Dr. Sultan"
"Yes ofcourse, follow me please." The secretary walked to the office behind her desk and knocked the door,
"Come in.." Hind heard the voice coming from inside the room.. "Shit.." she thought to herself.