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What if.. (16)

Hind woke up with a heavy feeling in her stomache. She groaned and put her arm on her eyes when the alarm rang at 5 am, "oooooooh do I have to go.." she mumbled to herself. They were leaving on the 8 am flight to Dubai, which means that they have to be at the airport at 7.
"Uff uff ufffff..." she said pushing her covers of her body and getting out of bed, "it's still dark outside!"
After taking her shower and having breakfast she decided it was time to wake Bandar up,
she dialled his number and waited until he picked up the phone, the line was connected, she could hear him breathing.. and then a grunt.
"Heheehehe Bandar gooooooom"
The line goes dead.
"Uff hay wagta"
She dials again,
"Goooooooooooooooooooom Bandar yallah warana 6ayara"
"6ayeb 6ayeb.. 5ala9 9a7y.."
"hmmm ee"
"heheh Bandar 3aaad goom.."
"hmmm..." she could hear the rustling sound of the sheets moving as he streched his body, she imagined him on his bed, his hair messy from sleep, squinting against the light and she suddenly had the weirdest longing feeling.. like she just wants to go and kiss him until he wakes up.
"Gooom B.."
"i7lef.. heheh"
"heheh inzain yallah goom I'll meet you at the airport.."
"6ayeb 7abeebty.. yallah.."
An hour later she arrived at the Qatar Airways first class terminal, it was always empty at this time which was good as she still cannot be seen with Bandar. She walked over to the check in counter and handed over her passport..
"To Dubai.." she mumbled.
Once she checked in her suitcase she went over to the passport control. Still no sign of Bandar.
"'3areeba the hotel is close to the airport.." suddenly she was worried. "What if he changed his mind? What if he doesn't want to come anymore? How will I face Sultan alone?" just as she was thinking that she saw him walking through the doors and heading towards the check in counter. "il7imdilla".
She continued on to the duty free to buy magazines for the flight, she picked up all the magazines she could find, Vogue, marieclaire, elle, glamour and OK for gossip.
"Ray7a New York ya galby?"
"Excuse me? Do I know you?"
"heheh la ya3ny ga9dy manteb nawya tkalmeeny fe il6ayara?"
"hehe la I'm pretending I don't know you and we're meeting on the plane and falling in love.. that's the story I'm telling people in Doha.. a7la mn oh he's my friend's brother"
"Good because I already requested to be seated next to you.. that could be my part in the story.. I saw you and asked to be seated next to the angel I just saw.."
"hahahha tet6anaz ba3ad mn il9eb7.."
"heheh yallah 6ayeb I think we should board the flight now.."
Hind sat in the window seat with Bandar sitting next to her, she got out her magazines and started leafing through vogue, hoping that she would get lost in the images of next season's fashion and forget the anxiety that was gripping her heart.
The city she once loved.. the city she thought she was moving to.. the city that once held all her dreams.. the city that she ended up hating.. whenever people talked about how fabulous Dubai was Hind would smile sarcasticly.. she never went back to Dubai after Sultan left her.. how could she? She would see him in every street.. in every corner.. he talked to her about his Dubai.. how they would buy their house in Jumeira.. how their kids would go to school there.. and the barbeques they'd have at their beach house.. how he would make fun of her telling her he wouldn't let her drive in Dubai because of her lacking a sense of direction.. "kel youm bayey a5ethch mn 3ajman.." he used to joke.. how could she love Dubai after all that?
Bandar sensed that Hind was no longer looking at the colourful images infront of her as she has been on the same page for the past half hour.
"Hind..? Hind 7abeebty?"
"Hmm.." she turned around looking at him and she smiled.. "I'm glad you're here.."
"I'm always glad to be with you" he said squeezing her hand reassuringly.
"I love it I love it I love it!" said Hind laughing..
"You love what? 5aleena ne6la3 mn ilma6ar!" he watched her lovingly as she ran around the huge airport heading towards the exit.
"eheheh I love their accent!!! a7es'hum 6aybeeeen and so welcoming!"
"hahha yes they are.. we're the mean ones aren't we?"
"heheh la into sexy.." she said winking.
"6ayeb yallah" he said pulling her from her arm towards the exit and leading her to the waiting car.
"The palace hotel please" he instructed the driver.
Hind got into the car and opened the windows immediately, closing her eyes against the cool breeze and letting the wind play with her hair.
They reached the hotel in 15 minutes as it was still early on a friday morning and the usual Dubai traffic has not yet started. They walked into the hotel hand in hand, Bandar headed to the reception to check in while she walked around the lobby, she loved the theme of the hotel, the dim lighting with the water fountains, the cozy atmosphere. She smiled as Bandar walked towards her handing over her room keys.
"Yallah unpack 3ashan we go out.."
"Shopping?" she said with a huge smile,
"Yes shopping.. 7a'6er ily tamreen 3alaih.."
"Yay.. let's go to Dubai mall.. yallah yallah don't be lazy get a move on Bandar.. uff..!" she urged him..
"heheh 6ayeb.."
Half an hour later they were walking through the entrance in Dubai mall..
"This is huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge..!" she said.. "oooooh I miss Maha and Saro.."
"ya3ny ana mo 3ajbek?"
"Ela bs you won't get excited when you walk into the Manolo boutique here soon! Maha would have tears in her eyes!"
"Hehehe wallah ma 3endikum salfa.."
"See! You don't get it.."
"haha ok ok I admit.. I really don't get it.. it's just something you wear on your feet.."
"Bandar I can't believe you said that! I'll pretend iny ma sema3t.. o ba6awefha lek halmara!"
They spent the rest of the day walking around the shops, laughing at silly things and just enjoying a day out together..
"Yallah 7abeebty let's go back to the hotel, I have a surprise for you tonight.." he said with a smile.