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What if.. (13)

Dubai, UAE

Sultan was sitting at his desk re-reading the email he had just recieved.
Dear Dr. Sultan,
Good morning, hope this finds you well.
I regret to inform you that I will be unable to attend the meeting we have scheduled for Sunday as I have to attend another urgent meeting here in Doha, therefore so as to not affect the workflow, my colleague, Miss Hind Al-...... will attend the meeting on my behalf.
I apologize for any inconvenience caused, and hope to hear from you soon.
Thanks and regards,
"Can it be her? Hind.. my Hind?" whispered Sultan to himself. It's been 7 years since he last saw her.. 7 years since he broke her heart. "Would she still remember me?" he thought.
He smiled as he remembered her voice, the voice he loved to hear every morning, day and night. He would've done anything for her, but he was also too weak and selfish to confront her. He remembered the day he sang to her like it was yesterday.. it made her so happy that he learnt to play the 3ood for her.. she told him she found it sexy, so he went and took lessons for 2 months so he can impress her..
7 years ago.. London

"Hindooooooo.. I have a surprise for you!"
"Haaa haaa shino ilsurprise.. uff you know I don't like surprises"
"Close your eyes"
"Yallah 3ad.."
she closed her eyes and waited.. she could hear him fiddeling with something and carrying it through her flat's door.
"Heheeh sul6aaaaaaan.. shga3ed tsawy?"
"Open your eyes.."
She opened her eyes to see him sitting on the sofa with a 3ood in his hands,
"I took lessons," he whispered. She could feel her eyes filling up with tears.
"Listen to this.. two songs that I learnt for you.."
and he started singing.. his sweet voice filling the small room..

"Ya warda fe kul ilfo9ool.. ya far7 3ayya la ye6ool.. gooly o agool.. in kan 3endik ly 7elool gooly o agool.. ya far7at ilgalb il7azeen ilwagt ymer.. o malek 3ether.. kanek tebeen nensa il3omer.. o nensa ilseneen.. o nthooob fe 7ub o 7aneen.. tedreen wesh ser il7ekaya.. ilwagt ymer o lkel shay la bud nehaya.. o 7ena gerebna mn ilnehaya.. o malek 3other.. ya basmat iltha'3r il5ajool ma a'6an 3endik ly 7elool.. ma a'6an wedek netefeg.. o i7na tarana bneftereg.. o la tez3aly.. law neftereg.. galbek 5aly.. o galby ana illy beye7tereg.."
"Sul6aaaaaaaaaaaaaan ma legait ila this song!! laish ildepression 3ad!!"
"Hahah ok I have another song for you.. those are the only 2 I learnt.."
"Ok yallah same3ny.."
"Jeet 3ala baly o 3yooony.. zay hajes.. la7 o 6aif.. gelt as2al 3an 7abeeby.. ya tara a7walo kaaif.. 7ab o itsalaa ba3dy.. wela metmasek be3ahdy.. 3end sha6 ilba7r jaales yente'6er awfy bewa3dy.."
"Hmmm I love this song bs a7es'ha sad.."
"Hmmm yeah it is.."
Sultan sighed and pulled himself out of his memories, he looked around his office and his eyes fell upon the framed photo on his desk; his family.. his 3 children..