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What if.. (14)

"Ya hala wallah.."
"Oh ahlain hala 5alty shlonich?" ... "Oh shit.. her mum picked up the phone" thought Hind to herself,
"La tgoleeenly 5alty, goly mama mithel Maha.." said Bandar's mum laughing..
"Shit shit shit" she thought in her head.. "Heheh" she could only give a fake laugh, this is not the time for her to act all coy infront of her future mother in law.. she needs to talk to Maha ASAP! Hind looked at her watch counting how many minutes she had until she would face Bandar.. judging by the traffic she had about 15 minutes.
"Ana Bandar gal ly ma agool lek, bs ma gedart amsek nafsy wallah.. Allah ye3lam wesh kether inte'6art halyoum.."
"Allah ysalmech 5alty.. bs ya3ny lail7en ma 9ar shay.. o ahly msafreen.."
"Adry! ana kalamt umek gabl shway.. bes gelt laha ma tgool lek.. wallah ina kelena far7aneen likum.."
"Shit.. everyone is conspiring behind my back.. hay wagta mama!" she thought to herself..
"Mabrook 7abeebty.. inshallah awal ma terja3 ilwalda 7ena nejy nzoorkum"
"7ayakum allah 5alty.."
"Hathy i5tek Maha betkalmek.. m3 ilsalama 7abeebty"
Hind looked accross to her friend and saw the worried expression on Sara's face..
"Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii I can't believe it's finally happening!!! I'm so happy for you guys.. wallah ukhoooy yestahel!!!"
"Maha please walk away from your mum shway.. I need to talk to you about something.."
"5air what's wrong..?" she whispered
"Is your mum near you?"
"I got an email today from my boss ina lazem aroo7 Dubai for a meeting on Sunday.."
"And the meeting is with Sultan.."
Hind could hear her friend breathing on the other side.. "Maha.. laish sekaty?"
"What are you planning on doing?" she said carefully,
"I have to go.."
"Maha?! It's not an option.. I have to go! But I want to tell Bandar.."
"Don't you dare break my brother's heart again!"
Hind's eyes started to water,
"I'm so sorry.." she whispered.
"Hind.. Bandar te7amal ktheer 3alashanik.."
"I know... that's why I don't want to lie to him.. I have to tell him."
"No.. don't tell him"
"Don't tell him.. just go.. don't mention anything.."
"Maha.. what if he finds out? I'd rather he knows from me wala mn ay 7ad thany"
"Don't go Hind.. it'll break his heart.. please don't go.."
"I have to.. and I have to tell him.."
"anyway.. ana we9alt ilhotel.. I'll call you and let you know what happens.."
"Ok.. good luck.. I love you.. and my brother loves you.. please be careful.."
Hind hung up the phone and looked at Sara,
"Yalah nezlay.."
"Ma ra7 tyeen ma3ay?" she asked hopefully.
"La this is something you have to do."
Hind walked as slow as possible to her 'fiance's' room, as soon as she knocked the door he opened, as if he was waiting for her by the door.
"You're late" he said pulling her into his arms, she burried her head in his chest and breathed in deeply.
"I missed you" she whispered, hugging him tightly.
"What's wrong?" he asked pulling away from her slightly and looking into her eyes.
"Let's sit down shway," she said pulling him towards the sofa. She sat next to him and held his hands.
"Awal shay thank you for keeping our relationship a secret.." she looked up at him and laughed when she saw the guilty look on his face.
"Heheh I'm guessing my mother talked to you.."
"Yes, not only did she talk to me.. she also talked to my parents and apparently we have their blessings" she said with a soft laugh,
"O thany 7aja?"
"Hmm.. I got an email from my boss today ina I have to attend a meeting in Dubai on sunday.." Hind paused, looking at Bandar trying to sense his reaction.. so far nothing.. "the meeting will be with Sultan." she finished. She felt his grip tighten on her hand, his nostrils flaring slightly as he tried his best to contain his reaction.
"Bandar I want you to know that I am commited to making this relationship work.. for the past 4 days I have been happier than I ever was before.. you made me realise what I was missing.. what the future holds for us and how happy we can be together. I'm glad your mother talked to mama, now I have no excuses and we can be together.. maybe it's too soon to say I love you, but you know how important you are to me.. and I want to spend the rest of my life with you.." Hind stopped, looking at Bandar, his face was expressionless.. he wasn't even looking at her.. "Bandar.. talk to me please.."
He turned his head towards her and said "I'm coming with you.."
"No.. I won't discuss this with you. I'm coming and that's final. Now please change the subject."
With that Hind tried to talk about random things to lighten up the mood, but the day was ruined.. Bandar remained tense for the remainder of the evening.

Even after all these years Sultan managed to sabotage what was supposed to be a happy day for Bandar and Hind.