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What if.. (12)

Hind could feel her hands shaking as she shut down her computer, she picked up her car keys and her phone and dialled her friend's number,
"Ha yallah ako I'm leaving work babadel o bayeekum Sharg.."
"Umm.. la Saro ta3aleely ilbait.."
"Laish shfeech?"
"La wala shay just please come.."
"Hind... what's wrong?"
"Saro bs please ta3aly yallah"
"Yallah I'm coming.."
She hung up the phone and started her car's engine, she was just about to reverse out of the parking when her phone vibrated:
1 new message
She picked up the phone and checked the message,
"I'm waiting ya galby, hurry up"
She put the phone down sighing and reversed out, heading home.
Sara entered her friend's room to find her pacing the room, her laptop on the floor along with a few outfits..
"Hanood..? shfeech sh9ayer?"
"Choofy.." she said weakly, handing her the laptop,
Sara started at the screen her eyes getting wider with every word she read,
"ee ee shit Saro shasawy" Hind was holding her tears in but when she saw her friend's expression she couldn't stop herself from crying.. "tell me shasawy? I have to go, it's not an option.. ya3ny 7ata ma se2alny if I can go wela la.. he said I want you to attend instead! ya3ny lazem lazem aroo7!! I can't face him after all these years.. what if..."
"What if what Hind? Do you still have feelings for him?"
"Madry Saro," said hind looking at the ring in her hand, "madry.. I don't think so.. bs what if it comes back.."
"What if what comes back Hind, he treated you like shit.. this is someone ily ma yestahel 7ata tetfeleen 3alaih if you see him!"
"But what..? Nesaity how he left you? Nesaity how desperate you were for him? Nesaity how long you waited for him? Nesaity how you found out he got married 1 month after breaking up with you! Hind.. Hind.. Bandar ma yestahel minich tsaween chethy!"
"I need time to think.."
"You don't have time to think.. Bandar is waiting for you remember?"
"You should tell him.."
"ARE YOU SERIOUS?!" yelled Hind,
"Yes, do you plan to start a relationship with a lie?"
"No.." she whispered,
"Good, I'm dropping you off there, we'll call Maha on the way, she'll tell you how to tell him.. he has to know."
Hind sat in her friend's car her mind going back in time..
5 years ago.. London
Hind sat in Harvey Nichols' Fifth floor waiting for her friend to come, she was happy to see her friend since she hasn't seen her for a whole year, Maitha was her friend from UAE who'd graduated a year before and moved back to Dubai,
"Hiiiiii I missed you!!!" said Hind hugging her friend who'd just walked in carrying 4 big please mum bags.
"I missed you too ya 7mara! ma tzooreena fe Dubai!"
"You know how it is, you go back for a few weeks and have to catch up with the family.. 9a3eb I go to Dubai.."
"Ee ee adry.. sha5barech? O shlon London bedoony?"
"Wallah same.. nothing new.. inty sha5barech? Achoof please mum bags.. 5asha shay 3alaina?" said Hind laughing,
"Laaa moool.. hahaha la those are for my cousin, she's due next month.. tethkereenha 3asha? She came to visit mara mn sentain thalath?"
"ee ee imbala bs ma athkerha 3adel.. ya7lailha.. when did she get married?"
"ba3ad'ha 3ala 6ool in5a6bat.. you remember that guy ily kan sometimes ma3akum? Sultan Al - .........? Apparently chafha fe London o 3ala 6ool 5e6abha."
"Ha?" Hind felt the blood draining from her face, she felt the place getting more noisy, the waiters yelling, the sound of the forks and knives getting louder..
"Hind.. Hind.." Sara shook her friend to get her attention,
"Wala shay bas sera7t shwaya"
"Inzain yallah call Maha tell her.."
Hind held her phone, pressed 3 and waited for her friend's voice to come out and help her with her dilemma.


Anonymous said...

The story is amazing! I love it ♡