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What if.. (11)

Hind couldn't believe it was wednesday already. She was sitting with Bandar in his room watching a movie.. her mind had wandered away from the characters running around infront of her a while ago, thinking of how happy she's been for the past four days.. "I didn't think it would work out this way.." she thought to herself. She was sitting next to Bandar on the sofa, her head lying on his chest, while he stroked her head and played with her long hair.
"Bandar latroo7 ilyoum.." she said looking up to him.
"Lazem aroo7.." he said kissing her head, "I have a job to go back to."
Her eyes started tearing up, "Bandaaaar.." she said,
"Haha lail7en you cry when people travel?"
"Hehehe Bandaaaar.." she said hitting him lightly on the chest.
"I have to go wallah, you know I'd love to be with you akthar, bs I left a lot of things hanging back home last week, fa lazem arja3.."
"Bas bokra weekend 3endikum.."
"True... but I have a lot of work that I have to catch up on 7abeebty."
"Please please pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease.."
"Hehe 6ayeb ok, I'll stay until friday 3ashanek.."
"Yaaaaaaaaay!!" she jumped up and hugged him, "t3arf, I didn't think I'd be so happy with you," she said sitting down next to him.
"I told you to give me a chance, I knew I can make you happy.." he said smiling, "7abeebty..?"
"Hmm..?" she said lowering her head,
"Haaaa..." she laughed,
"Is it still too early to talk about marriage? I know I promised I'll wait.. bs I want to tell my mother, you know that after my father passed away she hasn't been feeling well o ab'3a afare7ha.."
"Hmmm.. I know 7abeeby bs.."
"aish? You know what?"
"I know ya3ny ina she's depressed.."
"La la.. shgelty? You know o ba3dain gelty 7aja?"
"Bandaaaar!! shfeek 9ayer moraheq?" she said laughing,
"Hahah '3a9ben 3anny.. jananteeny!"
"Hehe la seriously, I know inik taby tfare7ha bs I can't tell my parents over the phone, ya3ny they have to be here o chethy.. please let's wait.."
"6ayeb.. ily tamreen 3alaih.. as long as your happy.."
"I am.." she said kissing his cheek.
Hind reached home that night with a grin on her face, singing 3abdelmajeed's old song..
Sa3eed il7a'6 galby.. 3eref ye5taar 7obak..
She went up to her room and called her best friend
"Aloooo ya 7ilwa.."
"Hahah ilmood 3adel halyoumain achoof?"
"Eeee Saro, I can't believe how happy I am.. ma tewaqa3t bakoon chethy ma3ah.. I'm so happy.. I can't explain.."
"Heheh Allah lay'3ayer 3alaikum inshallah"
"Inshallah.. I'm so happy ily shway a7es I'm scared.. ka2ana I'm waiting for something bad to happen.."
"Hanood, Bandar is not Sul6an.. he genuinely loves you."
"I know, I can see it in his eyes.. I can't believe I was so blind! I can't believe I didn't see it before.. the way he looks at me.. he makes me feel like the most beautiful person on earth, like no one else exists, like I can do no fault.."
"Allah yes3edkum 7abeebty.. you deserve it.. and so does he.. he waited for a long time.."
"Hmm.. he did.. is it too soon to think that I love him too? I can't imagine my life without him Saro!"
"Hmm.. maybe deep down you always did, but it's just hitting you now.. ya3ny he was the first one you called when you were depressed, the first one you called with good news.. yemkin it was always there bs you never knew.."
"Jayez.. anyway I begged him to stay o beyeg3ad lain friday.. bokra ta3aly ma3ay we'll have lunch together mithel ayam London! bs nag9atna Mahooy! I miss her wallah.."
"Hahaha la ma a7eb akoon third wheel! yemkin he wants to kiss you hne wela hnak, I won't feel comfortable with you two eyeing each other wishing I wasn't there 3ashan you make out!"
"Hahahahaha ya 7maaaaara!!! We don't make out! ya3ny bs he hugs me shway o he kissed my head bas.."
"Hahaha ya3ny not even PG ha?"
"Haha ya kalba!!!!"
"Heheheh ok 5ala9 I'll come tomorrow.. bs itha 9erto lovey dovey bakfa5kum into ilthnain! my fiance msafer o ma chefta mn 6 months..!"
"Hahah 9ij ma 9ar phd hay.. meta bey5ale9?"
"Soon inshallah ma bagy shay.. I miss him so much.."
"Hmm inshallah.. would you mind if I get married before you?" said Hind laughing
"Bathbe7ech ya 7mara!!! 9arly mn meta ma56ooba o inty yaya al7een tabeen tesbegeeny? t5asaaaaain wallah!!"
"Hahaha la i'm kidding bs bayanenech.."
Hind chatted with her friend for an hour and went to bed with a smile on her face.
Hind was at work finalising some documents before she left for the day, it was 3 o'clock and she only had a few things to work on before she could leave, she was looking forward to having lunch with Bandar and Sara, it reminded her of their London days, when they all went out together as a group.. the good old days..
She was just getting ready to shut down her pc when she saw a notification that she got a new email from her boss.. she opened the email thinking uff shyaby hay al7een...
The email read as follows:
Dear Hind,
Good afternoon,
Kindly note that I will be unable to attend the Dubai meeting on Sunday as I will be attending an urgent board management meeting in Doha, therefore I would like you to go instead. You will be meeting Dr. Sultan Al- ...... the CEO of the company regarding....................
After reading the name Hind felt the rest of the words blurring infront of her eyes..
"I can't believe this is happening.. I knew it was too good to be true.."