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What if.. (10)

An hour later, Bandar watched Hind walking to her car through his window.. they decided that since Hind's parents are away on holiday for the next month they will not discuss anything about marriage until they are back. For the time being they will try to adjust to the change in their relationship. He would be staying in Doha for the next four days and they planned to see each other and talk more about their situation.
"Atleast she knows now" he thought to himself. Bandar couldn't stop himself from smiling as he imagined Hind waking up next to him every morning for the rest of his life.
"Inshallah 5air.." he whispered to himself.
Hind opened the door to her silver SUV and sat in the driver's seat, she fumbled with the keys in the ignition and failed to turn the engine on, she put her head on the steering wheel and couldn't help noticing how the solitaire on her finger was glinting in the dark car, like it was mocking her with it's sparkling beauty. Hind could feel her heart beating fast, her breath becoming more shallow, "I feel suffocated" she thought to her self. She quickly took of the ring from her finger and threw it in the cup holder to her right.
She picked up her phone and called her best friend,
"Saro please ta3aly baitna I need you now" she sobbed,
"Hanood it's 9:30 I .."
"Please please say anything and come.."
"ok I'm on my way.."
15 minutes later Hind was sitting on her bed staring straight ahead in shock with the ring clasped tightly in her hands, she could feel the cold diamond cutting through the soft flesh of her palm.
Sara opened the door and saw her friend frozen on the bed with her back straight and stiff.
"Hanoooooood.. shfeech?"
Hind just turned around to her friend and pushed her clasped hand forward..
"Choofy.." she opened her hand to show her friend the ring.
"Nice ring.. inzain? shino ilmoshkila..?"
"Bandar gave me this." answered Hind quietly.
"Did you know?"
"I knew he loved you Hind, everyone knows, but I didn't see this coming"
"Everyone knows?"
"Yes, even his mother"
"Oh shit.. am I the bitch that kept breaking his heart?"
"You're not a bitch" she said quietly hugging her friend, "Shhhhhh.." she said as Hind started sobbing.
"I said no awal mara" she cried, "and then I walked away and looked back at him, and he seemed so lost, so sad, his shoulders slumped ka2ana he aged 10 years and I couldn't walk away any further, I can't do to him what Sul6an did to me, fe nafs ilwagt ana ga3da a'6lema ma3ay.. I love him I really do.. but I can't give him what he wants.. I don't have it in me.. Sul6an took everything away from me, I've nothing more to give.. I dont want to hurt him I love him too much to do that.. and .. I .. what about Maha? What if it doesn't work out between us and then Maha ends up hating me? I can't lose 2 friends at the same time.. Saro please help me shasawy?"
"Shhh it's ok.. don't worry illy Allah katbah bey9eer.. inzain shgelty 3ogob? The ring is with you so I assume you said yes?"
"La.. I said no awal shay when he said he loves me.. in9edamt Saro, this is Bandar.. you know what I mean.. and then he asked me to leave and I was going to.. bs then I saw him and I couldn't.. so we talked.. he told me he will be patient and that he'll always be here for me, but he wanted me to keep the ring 3ashan I know what his intentions are.."
"Zain that's great.. ya3ny he's not putting any pressure on you Hindo"
"Adry, but still.."
"Inzain wain we9alto a5er shay?"
"Ina I will keep the ring and think lain ma my parents come back. He's staying lain wednesday 3ashan we see each other shway.."
"Good. Hanood ma ra7 tlageen mithlah."
"I know.."
"5ala9 goomy '3asly wayhech o let's watch a movie and eat chocolate 3ashan you feel better" said Sara laughing.
Hind smiled weakly and said "ok"
The girls spent the rest of the evening watching a comedy and talking about everything except what was on both their minds. Before Sara left Hind hugged her tightly, "Saro itha kalemach Bandar don't say anything.. just act happy o inich mestansa lena.. I don't want him to feel anything, and don't you dare tell Maha!"
"I know, I know don't worry.. I love you" she said kissing her friend.
"Ana ba3ad, good night"
The next morning Hind woke up feeling better, "I will give it a try, he's a great guy o 9ij ma balagy a7san minah.." she thought remembering Bandar's handsome face. She picked up her phone and found a text message from Bandar,
"9aba7 il5air 7abeebty :*"
She smiled and got out of bed to get ready to go to work.
At 1 pm, she was sitting in the office frowning at her screen going through her emails when her phone rang,
Bandar calling
"9ba7 il5air"
"Baaaaaaaal shda3wa tawek gayem? When did you send me that message 3ayal?"
"Haha before I slept"
"Shge3adt tsawy?"
"Afaker feek" he whispered,
"Oh.." she could feel her face getting hot,
"Teste7een galby?"
"Haha 6ayeb 5ala9.. bashoofek ilyoum?"
"Inshallah.. after work.."
"Ok, I'll wait for you we'll have lunch together."
"Ok.. see you.."
"Bye 7abeebty.. give me a kiss"
"Bandar!!" she said as the blood rushed to her cheeks,
"Hahah 6ayeb 6ayeb I'll see you later o awareek"
She hung up the phone and smiled, "why am I so afraid? This doesn't feel so bad"
Hind was smiling as she was driving through the crowded streets of Doha, she chose to dress more casually since they will be only sitting in the room and ordering room service, she wore a white knee length cotton dress with flat embellished jimmy choo sandals and let her long hair fall in loose waves on her back. When she reached his room she knocked the door and he opened it immediately,
"Hi" she said shyly.. "this feels so weird," she thought, she watched him as she took off her abaya, he was wearing jeans and a black polo shirt, his hair still wet from the shower and he smelled great. He was also looking at her nervously,
"shfeek?" she said,
"Wala shy," he answered, his eyes involantarily going to her hands looking for his ring. When he saw the ring in her hand he smiled and pulled her to him,
"Ta3aly hina" he whispered and hugged her tightly, "wa7ashteeny" he said as he kissed her head,
she looked up at him and whispered, "Bandar..."
"Ya 3yoon Bandar," he said and kissed both her eyelids,
"Ana yo3ana." she said smiling.
"Hahahah fakart betgoleen shay! 6ayeb yallah let's order lunch," he said as he pulled her from her hand towards the phone.. as he was ordering their lunch Hind opened her handbag, pulled out her phone and typed a message to her friend,
"I think this will work out :)"
and sent it to Sara.