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Her fingers traced the familiar lines of his face on the paper. She watched her manicured fingers as they moved across his sketched smile, she could see the twinkle in his eyes shining through the paper. The twinkle that is now dull because of her.
Her heart beat faster when she remembered their last conversation,
"De5eeelech stop calling me.."
"But I can't.. I love you..""Did you love me when you cheated on me?""I did.. I mean I do.." she pleaded,
"Allah yer'6a 3alaich leave me alone" he whispered,
"I told you I can't.. It's killing me.. It's tearing me up..I love you, wallah il3a'6eem I love you"
"What about my cousin? Do you love him too?"
"NO! No no no.. it's you and only you.. it's always been you..""Then why the hell did you cheat on me with him? You fooled both of us!! We were both in love with you!! What the HELL! Did you think we won't find out? What kind of a sick game are you playing?"
"I'm not playing.. I love you.. I can't be without you.. please listen to me"
"I can't.. not anymore.. I heard enough.. 5ala9.. it's over.."
"Please.. I'm begging you.. "
"Do you know what you're feeling now?"
"Yes.. I love you.."
"No.. you love yourself.. you just feel bad because you don't want me to have an ugly image of you in my head.. but this is what you are.. an ugly person hiding behind a beautiful face.."
She lifted her head and stared at the face looking back at her in the mirror, her hand on her cheek, carressing the graceful features of her face,
"Ugly person behind a beautiful face" she murmered.