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She sat on the corner of her bed, her hands trembling as she wiped the dusty book with her sleeve. Reluctantly she opened the first page to reveal the words he wrote for her, so many years ago:
To my love,
I didn't know what to get you, I thought of so many different things, but nothing will ever be enough for you, so I chose to give you these words, although you might not understand them now, I promise that I will be next to you for the rest of my life, teaching you and guiding you, in life and love.
A tear dropped down her face as she remembered that day, how he laughed at her when she couldn't read the first line of the book and how 4 months later, after he had broken her heart she was able to read, understand and feel every line of it.
Her fingers traced the lines on the pages going through the familiar words
ضحكت و قلت: الغرام تولى وعشت و اياك فصل الختام
محوت سطور الغرام القديم و ما من جديد يثير اهتمامي
أجاب فؤادي و قال : محال فجرحك مازال دون التئام
It was as though the lines were written for her, as if he was telling her that this is her future: heartbroken and unable to forget. All she had left from him was words and broken promises.
She smiled with new resolve, wiping the tears off her face and pushing the book to the back of her closet, hoping for a better tomorrow
*Poem: Lematha (2) by Dr. Mana Saeed Al Otaiba