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Under her abaya..

She walked into the marbled hotel lobby, her heels clicking on the floor, the cold AC air cooling her hot face after the bright, summer sun in London. Just as she walked past two older women she heard her name,
"Mariam.." she turned around and saw two of her mother's acquaintences,
"Uff kilish mub wagta" she muttered under her breath and walked to where the women were sitting, her abaya billowing behind her.
"Hala 5alty 7abeebty, sam7eeny fedaitech ma cheftech" she said as she kissed each chubby cheek,
"La 7abeebty, shda3wa 3adi, shlonich? o shlon umech?"
"Il7imdilla b5air, inty shlonich 5alty?"
"B5air yumma, hathy 5altech Y, ba3ad t3arf umech"
"Hala 5alty"
"Hala yumma, mashallah 3alaich, ana madry ina Le6eefa 3endaha bnaya 7ilwa chethy, mashallah Allah y7af'6ech, into men zeman hne?"
"Ya3ny 9ar lena 3ashr ayam"
"Sakneen hne?"
"La wallah, bs yaya azoor refeejty sakna hne o ta3bana shway"
"Ah salamat, inzain 7abeebty ma n3a6lech"
"La bel3aks 5alty, ga3datkum ma tenmal. Ma tamroony 3ala shay?"
"La yumma Allah y7af'6ech"
The two women watched her as she gracefully walked towards the lifts, her head down and her shaila securely wrapped around her head,
Lady X looked at Lady Y and said,
"Mashallah 3alaiha, choofeeha shlon msatera, labsa 3abayat'ha fe hal7ar mub banatna, dayreen beljeans o faleen sh3oorhum.. o kel ma gelna shay galaw il3abaya mub kelshy."
"E wallah, choofeha 7ata ras'ha ma terfe3a, 7ata ma chafatna o i7na ga3deen jedamha! Mashallah. Men chethy banatna ma yen5a6bon, aham shay ilseter laken banat halayam ma yesme3oon il7achy"
"E wallah, t9adgeen, thak ilyoum Um Mohammed tgool ly taby te56eb 7ag walad'ha 3abdelra7man, bagool laha 3an Mariam.. wallah 5osh bnaya"
"E wallah.. ana ash'had 5osh bnaya"
As soon as she got into the lift, her phone rang,
"Aloo akany yaya.. shfeek mista3yel 7abeeby?" she looked at her reflection in the mirror and slowly untied her shaila and adjusted her hair.
Two minutes later he opened the door wearing nothing but boxers that revealed how happy he was to see her.
"Wainich ya galby te2a5arty 3alay?"
"7abeeby legait thentain y3arfoon ummy o msekony ysolfoon"
"3asa ma s2eloch 3an shay?"
"La gelt lehum iny yaya 7ag refeejty"
She took off her abaya to show off her slim figure, clad in hotpants and tight tanktop.
"Ta3aly 3endi" he murmered pulling her into his arms,
"La la.. wa5er 3any.."
"Laish ya galby?"
"Ma yebt ly ily gelt lik 3ana"
"Ela yebta.." he said handing her the wrapped maroon box,
"Yay.. achoof?" she said, sitting on his lap as she unwrapped the box, his hands finding their way under her tank top,
"This is not the one I wanted.." she pouted turning to look at him, showing him the gold ring on her finger and pulling his hand from under her tank top away from her breast.
"7abeebty wallah they didn't have the one with diamonds in your size" he said rubbing her thigh and nuzzling her shoulder,
"Maby maby.. I thought you wanted me"
"Of course I do.. can't you see how much I want you?" he said moving her hand to show her,
"La la not enough.." she said getting up and putting her abaya back on again,
"5ala9 7abeebty wala yhemech.. bokra I'll get you something else"
"Ok then, I'll see you tomorrow"
She wrapped her shaila securely around her head and walked out of the room, her phone rang,
"Hala 7abeebty.."
"Hala ya galby.."
"Wainich mn zeman ma cheftech?"
"Inta ma tabeeny"
"Akeed abeech.. ta3aleely, I have a surprise for you."
"Ok..half an hour and I'll be there."
She walked out of the hotel lobby, her head down, her heels clicking against the marble floor, the two ladies still watching her, admiring her,
"Choofeeha mashallah 3alaiha.. 7ata ma 6awelat 3end refeejat'ha"
"Ee mashallah.. lazem akalem Um Mohammed 3anha"