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She looked into the mirror, stared into the mirror. 
Who was that stranger staring back at her? Could it be possible that those dull eyes are hers? Or that ragged face, etched with lines is her face
She put a wrinkled hand on her cheek, touching the papery skin.
And she flinched.
This is her.
She could still hear his voice, 20 years ago.. calling her name,
"I want you to be mine "
"I'm no ones. I'm myself""You're arrogant; but you're mine whether you like it or not. You'll always be mine""Never"
"Come with me.. be with me.. live with me.. carry my children""But I'm still too young.. I want to see the world.. I want to walk my path""See it through my eyes.. walk holding my hands..""I can't.. I won't..""Then you'll see a dark world and you'll stumble accross your path"
And he left.
With the arrogance of youth, she thought she'll replace him; easily. At first she told herself she'll find someone better, when she understood she didn't want better she started looking for him in every face she saw, in every voice she heard, the years passed quickly, the search got more frantic, until she realised he was irreplaceable.
She went looking for him.
"I told you you were mine""You don't own me, no one does"
"But I do. You live through me"
"Now who's arrogant?"
"You're the reflection in my mirror""We're like parallel lines..""So we will never meet.. Good bye my love.. you had me once and you lost me"

She continued to look at her face in the mirror, a tear escaping through her sparce eyelashes.