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"Guess what? I have a surprise for you" he whispered into the phone,
"What?" she answered, uninterested, as she picked up the blood red nailpolish,
"I'm coming to Doha just to see you, I can't wait"
"I can't see you"
"Why not?"
"I just can't.. uff.. why do you have to turn everything into an argument?" she yelled into the phone, throwing the nailpolish on the dressing table,
"Baby I miss you and I want to see you, I'm leaving everything behind at home and I'm coming for a week to see you, just to be with you.. don't I deserve a few hours a day from you?"
"I told you I can't see you, laish ma tefham?"
"Baby please.." he whispered, his heart beating faster, he hated how she treated him, and yet he couldn't stop being with her, wanting her, "You don't have to go out with me, I'll see you mn b3eed.."
"Itha betyey 3ashany, latyey.."
"I can't.. I'll come, hoping to see you.. lo 9edfa.."
"Kaifik.." she said hanging up.
And so he came, everyday he would wander the streets with his friends, distracted, looking for her, hoping.. everyday he would call her.. and everyday she would watch her phone as it blinked with his name once every hour.. and for the seven days that he was in her country she didn't leave the house.. just incase she made his day by catching a glimpse of her.
On the eighth day she recieved a message from him,
'I'm tired of this, I'm tired of playing your games, I love you but I can no longer do this. I'm crazy about you and you feel nothing, how can this be? How can the love I have for you mean nothing? Good bye, you will never hear from me again'"Yeah right" she whispered, she pressed reply and typed in,
'But I need you'

10 seconds later her phone flashed with his name, she answered the phone to hear him whisper,
"I can't live without you.. you're my drug"
"I know" she answered, smiling as she painted her nails with the blood red polish.