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What if.. (1)

قال صلى الله عليه وسلم : ( وإن أصابك شيء فلا تقل : لو أني فعلت كان كذا وكذا , ولكن قل : قدر الله , وما شاء فعل ; فإن لو تفتح عمل الشيطان ) 
People always wonder "what if.." and imagine how their life would go if they actually got what they wished for, but as they say "be careful what you wish for"
"Besmilla... a3ootho bellah mn ilshai6an"
Hind woke up, her body feeling sweaty and cold, she looked around her, it was still dark out side. Sighing, she picked up her phone to look at the time.
"Taw ilnas 3ala ildawam.. uff.."
She dialed no. 1 on her speed dial.
"Uff Hindo, you wake me up at 3 am on a working day.. you better tell me it's something new"
"No.. it's not" said Hind slowly, "You know you're the only one I can talk to"
"No Hanood, I'm the only one who actually picks up the bloody phone at 3 am.. So tell me.. what was it?"
"The bad dream Saro"
Sara could hear the sadness in her best friend's voice, they were practically sisters. Sara and Hind met in highschool, constantly fought for the first two years and then all of a sudden became inseperable and no one knew how.
"Inzain gooly sh9ar?"
"Abad, the usuall.. he saw me and walked away"
"Te3awethy mn iblees.. goomy igry Qur'aan o rej3y namy bokra warana dawam"
"Yeah you're right, I have a long day tomorrow."
"5ala9 yallah, will we meet at lunch?"
"Madry bakalmech fe ildawam o benchoof"
"5air inshallah"
She hung up the phone and stared at the ceiling thinking to her self, "it's been 7 years, when will I get over him?"