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My friend..

Something about you makes me smile, your good mornings, your voice, even your name.. you warned me when we first met, that I will fall in love with you, I laughed, I called you conceited and arrogant, but now I know that I was the arrogant one, thinking I was too smart to fall in love; too smart to fall in love with someone who would never love me back.

I smile for you a hundred smiles my friend, the I love you smile when you're not looking, the I miss you smile when I see you after a long time, the I don't care smile when you tell me about a new crush and the most painfully sad smile, when I look at myself in the mirror every night and admit that I love the one I cannot have.

Should I tell you that I love you my friend? You scare me, you confuse me, I feel lost with you and I feel more lost without you. I feel so many different things at the same time when I'm with you, love, hate, pride, fear, sadness, happiness; I'm a combination of conflicting feelings all wrestling inside me and I don't know what to do.

Tell me my friend, what would you do?


Anonymous said...

Plz 3adi itgoolele shlon agra 8i9a9ich ily gabel! Kilman egoole egreehom bs ma ligeet.hom :( 7adi mishta6a 3ashan agrahom:D

-anon UmYousef;D

M said...

Hi, I'll be reposting them soon :)

H said...

You just took my feelings and put them into words.