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What if.. (7)

Hind quickly switched the lines from Bandar to Sara,
"Hi Hindo.. mn t7acheen hal7azza? 3endich call waiting achoof?" said Sara laughing,
"Weeeyh Saro madry mn ba7achy.. kint a7achy Bandar.."
"Oh.. sha5barah?"
"Madry ma amdany akalmah.. kint tawny meta9lah feh when you called.. kan nayem wa3alaia"
"Haha miskeen.. ya3ny gawamteeh mn ilnoum ba3dain 5alaiteeh ywaly when I called you?"
"6ab3aaan.. kam Saro 3endi?"
"Haha I'm flattered.. miskeen wallah.. 9aaber 3alaich.."
"9aber 3alaay? Laish inshallah? Shemsawya feh?"
"La.. la wala shay" answered Sara with a low voice, thinking of both her friends, she really wanted to help Bandar but didn't know how to.
"T9adgeen madry shkan beygool ly Bandar.. gal ly I need to talk to you.. you think Maha feha shay?"
"He said that?" Sara couldn't believe that Bandar finally found the courage to talk to her friend, "inzain o shgal lech?"
"Nothing, you called o 9akait mina.."
"Hmm.. inzain call him back"
"Laa maly bare'6.. akeed he went back to sleep"
"Hmm.. maybe"
Bandar couldn't go back to sleep, he had to talk to her, he couldn't take it anymore. His mother came to talk to him earlier that evening regarding his marriage, she wanted to see his children she told him, his younger brothers and sister were all married, and his mother was not getting any younger. She told him that she was prepared to talk to Hind's mother today, all he had to do was say ok. Unfortunately that was not all he had to do; how can he explain to his mother that the love of his life sees him only as a friend?
The next morning Bandar woke up early determined that today he will do something about his situation with Hind.. "what is the worst thing that could happen?" he thought to himself, if she rejects him then it won't make a difference, it will only mean that he never had her, and if she says yes then he will be the happiest person on earth. He decided that he will go see his little sister Maha and talk to her about it,
"9aba7 il5air ya ajmal i5et fe il3alam" said Bandar as he watched his sister wobbling down the stairs,
"Ajmal? Are you sure you're seeing the same thing I saw this morning in the mirror? I no longer recognize my face!!" said Maha as she threw a cushion that missed her brother by a few centimeters, "Shut up!!! It's not funny!!"
Bandar couldn't control his laughter as his sister started crying,
"Shhh it's ok 7abeebty inshallah it'll only be a few days"
"Laaa I saw the Dr. yesterday he said they miscalculated and I still have 3 weeks left"
"Inshallah it'll be ok don't worry" he said as he hugged her and kissed her head,
"Maha I need to talk to you about something.."
"5air 7abeeby?"
"Ams ilwalda jat kalamatny 3an maw'6oo3 Hind" he started,
"Adry galatly.. wesh nawy tsawy?"
"I think I'll talk to her today.."
"Oh my God a5eeeeeeran!!! I'm so happy for you guys.. bs ya wailek if you got married before I lose my pregnancy weight!!"
"Hey hey.. shway shway.. I said I'll talk to her ma gelt ina 5ala9 we're getting married!" he said laughing.. he paused for a while and looked up at his sister, "You think betwafeg? Honestly? Imagine I'm not your brother, do you honestly think she's over that creature that she was so in love with?"
"To be honest I think she's been over him for a long time, but she's not over what he did to her. She's affraid of getting hurt again.. you remember what she went through, it was traumatic."
"Yes but she knows I would never hurt her.."
"Which is why I'm sure she'll say yes"
"Allah yesma3 minik" he said smiling.
After teasing his sister for another hour about her pregnancy bump, and rehearsing how he will start the conversation with Hind, Bandar left his sister's house with a smile on his face.. he hasn't felt this good about something in a very very long time..
"If she says yes.. If only she says yes.." he thought to himself, "I will take care of her, I will make her forget all the pain she's been through before."