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Meeting time..

She sighed as she stared at the figure in front of her, his voice droning on as he presented his latest creative genius, rolling her eyes dramatically when he referred to how successful he was in previous jobs. She flipped her pen around in her hand, pretending to listen and feigning interest every now and then. Uncapping her pen she started scribbling her thoughts down on the paper,
God, when will this meeting be over..
The voice kept going on and on.
Ya Allah they’re only posters! Do we really need to discuss the strategy behind hanging posters?

She picked up her coffee mug, hoping to gain some energy from the hot liquid only to find that she had already drained all of it.

If he was so successful why the hell did he leave his old job? She scribbled on her paper. She could see her boss from the corner of her eyes, obviously impressed with all the crap that was being said, and nodding every once in a while with approval, thinking that she was taking notes.
Notes my ass. She wrote.
Suddenly she felt someone shift next to her.
He has been staring at her since the beginning of the meeting, as his boss presented their ideas for the campaign, he noticed that she wasn’t listening. He also noticed her beautiful eyes, the way they would flutter every few minutes as she struggled to keep them open. He sat next to her and saw how she was scribbling on her paper enthusiastically. He wondered what she could possibly be writing, she certainly wasn’t interested in what his boss was saying, slowly he peeked at her paper and couldn’t help but laugh at her.
She was cute, he thought.
He picked up his pen and leaned closer to her,
I agree, he’s an ass.

He heard her quick intake of breath and saw the blood rush to her face.

Oh my God, oh my god, oh my god. She felt her heartbeats quickening. Shit shit shit shit! She thought.
Am I interrupting your thought process? He wrote.
How dare you?

Excuse me?
YES! How dare you look at my notes?

You’re the one attacking our thought out strategies!

Yeah right

So you’re not attacking them?

I am. They’re just not thought out.

I agree.

HA! I have this in writing from you, I’m so showing my boss.

He doesn’t care, he’s in love with my boss.

Ew. But you’re right.

See? So we win. We give you crap and you give us money.

You don’t win. You deal with me. Your crap doesn’t impress me.

Yumma. You scared me.

You better be scared.

He smiled as he read her notes, their written conversation continued for some time, until the presentation was over, just as they were about to leave the room he handed over his business card to her,
“It was a pleasure to meet you” he said as he shook her hand.

“The pleasure was mine” she replied, her fingers tingling when they touched his hand.
Smiling, they said they’re goodbyes.
“Amazing presentation ha?” said her boss,

“Ha? Yeah. They’re good” she mumbled, excusing herself and heading back to her office. As soon as she sat she found an email from him.
It was great meeting you, I’ll be presenting next time, I promise not to bore you :)
She sighed, with a smile, looking forward to the next meeting.