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Mirror.. (17)

“I love you,” he whispered as he placed small kisses on my temple, softly blowing on my hair line and in the process making me extremely dizzy.
“Saif..” I whispered in response, trying to break the spell he put on me by moving away from him,
“3yoon Saif..” he answered kissing my fingers and pulling me back into his arms, “galb Saif..” he said as he pushed my hair aside and kissed me bellow my ear.
“Stop..” I said, my voice sounding weak and unconvincing even to myself, “3aib Saif..” I whispered,
“Laish 7abeeby? Soon you’ll be all mine”
“Soon but not today” I said, finally gathering some strength to get off his lap and onto the chair opposite him.
“Haha ok ok fine, sorry 7abeeby” he said as I pretended to be mad at him, “you’re beautiful, inside and out.”
“Of course”
“So if I was ugly would you still love me?”
“I loved you before I saw you, the fact that you’re beautiful is just a bonus, but you are the prize.”
And that was how he honestly made me feel, like I was a precious gift, something to cherish.
“You know what you have to do now right?” he said as he walked towards the door,
“Don’t go..” I said pulling him back inside the small room,
“La 7abeeby I have to, and you have to, there’s a call you have to make”
“Maby Saif, I feel like this is a dream and if you left I will wake up and I’ll be all alone again”
“It’s not a dream” he whispered, placing his lips softly on mine one last time.
I went back home knowing that I had something important to do, I had to call Mohammed. I had been postponing this call for a long time, I sensed from the beginning that the relationship wouldn’t work, he was a nice guy really, maybe sometimes too nice.
I sat on my bed and dialled his number, he picked up the phone after the first short beep,
“Hala.. wainech ilyoum?”
“Umm.. I was in the gallery sorry”
“La it’s ok.. so.. how are you?”
“Good” I paused, not knowing how to start,
“I’ve been meaning to ask you something”
Oh shit.
“Umm.. yeah sure ask”
“Where are we going?”
“What do you mean?”
“I mean we’ve been talking for some time, and you know I wanted the relationship to move forward..”
“Mohammed you’re a great guy o kel wa7da tetmanak but I only see you as a friend”
There I said it.
“And all this time you were just leading me on?”
“You know I felt from the beginning that you were selfish, but I didn’t realise how selfish until now”
“Excuse me?” This is unbelievable!
“Yeah, you’re so into yourself, you’re vain, sometimes rude..”
“What? You were just asking me to marry you! Now I somehow became completely undesirable?”
“I never said that.. I’m just saying, this is who you are and I was willing to overlook it, no one is perfect 7ala”
“And why the hell were you willing to overlook it? Don’t tell me you’re in love with me!” I was fuming, how dare he talk to me this way.
“Of course not” he answered coldly, “but you’re from a good family, you’re pretty, well educated ya3ny it was a good match, again no one is perfect.”
“You’re unbelievable!”
“No I’m just being honest”
“Ok well..” I was lost for words, I was beyond shocked, how did the nice sweet boy I was talking to turn to this calculating bastard?
“Bye 7ala” he said and ended the conversation.
I stared at the blank screen with disbelief and quickly dialled Saif’s number, so much for him being a nice guy.
“You will not believe this!” I yelled as soon as he picked up,
“Believe what 7abeeby?”
“That bastard! I just broke up with him and you would not believe what he said to me!” I quickly gave him a recap of the conversation I just had and expected him to be as furious as I was, but the only reaction I got from him was loud laughter,
“I’m glad you’re finding this funny, ana bamoot min ilqahar!!!”
“Hahahahaha sorry 7abeeby la tez3eleen bas why are you mad?”
“Excuse me? He called me vain and selfish and practically told me that he only wanted to marry me so I can be his trophy wife and give him beautiful children!”
“So? You should take that as a compliment”
“How the hell would that be a compliment?”
“Well, the compliment would be that you are so beautiful, so gorgeous that any guy would be willing to overlook.. what was it?”
“My vanity and selfishness”
“Yes, he would be willing to overlook this just to be with you”
“Am I really that bad Saif?”
“You are.. sometimes”
“And why are you overlooking that?”
“Because I love you”
“Why would you love a vain and selfish person?”
“I love all your traits 7ala because they’re what makes you you. I see your pride, your passion and your love for me, I see all this reflected in your eyes when you look in the mirror. I love your selfishness because I know that as much as you love yourself 7ala, you love me more. I would never overlook your traits, ever because that would mean that I’m throwing away a part of you. I love you just the way you are, the good and the bad.”
“You always know the right things to say” I whispered, my anger fading as I listenedd to his beautiful words,
“I’m saying what I feel. You make me feel 7ala.”