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Hello, My name is.. (41)

Dear Diary,
3abdallah arrived this morning, S3ood went to pick him up from the airport and he insisted that Fa6ma and I have breakfast with them, so I decided that we should have a welcome breakfast for him, I went and bought pastries, muffins and fruits and Fa6ma prepared waffles and pancakes with nutella sauce, apparently they were 3abdallah's favourite and she used to prepare them for him all the time when they were together.
S3ood called when they were getting close to the building to let us know it was time to set the table, Fa6ma kept fidgeting with the table setting, I could tell she was nervous but she had to face him some time or the other, this was as good a time as ever.
Ten minutes later we heard the door being unlocked and the noises of the two men shuffling in and carrying the heavy luggage, Fa6ma grabbed my hand and squeezed it tightly,
"Aaay.. Fa6oom ey3awer" I whispered to her,
"Oh sorry Nooro" she looked at me her eyes shifting to look at the door, I could tell she was nervous, but they were walking in, there was no escape.
S3ood and 3abdallah walked in together, it still astounds me how similar they look, well yeah they're identical twins but sub7an Allah. There are slight differences between the two but you have to really look to notice that S3ood's hair is slightly wavier, they both had big long lashed eyes but 3abdallah's eyes had a slightly different shape, S3ood's nose was a bit crooked while 3abdallah had a perfectly straight nose, other than that you would think you're looking at the same person.
"Ilsalam 3alaikum" said S3ood smiling,
"3alaikum ilsalam" I answered reflecting his smile,
"Ohhh do I smell Fa6ma's famous waffles?" said S3ood rushing to the table,
"Yes, it was especially made for 3abdallah" I said looking at him, all this time both 3abdallah and Fa6ma just silently stared at eachother, it was like they shared a secret language that they were communicating through.
3abdallah shook himself, as if coming out of a dream and walked past Fa6ma towards the table,
"9ba7 il5air Noor, thank you for the breakfast, you didn't have to" he said sitting down,
"La shda3wa ma sawait shay, all I did was pick up the pastries from Paul"
"Then all I will do is eat the pastries you picked up" he answered smiling at me,
Fa6ma was watching this quietly from where she was standing.
3abdallah was ignoring her just as she expected. God they really do know each other too well.
S3ood got up from the table pulled Fa6ma and sat her next to him,
"Eat" he ordered as he put food in her plate, she quietly obeyed like a five year old, shoving one mouthful of food after the other down her throat.
To say that the breakfast was awkward is an understatement. 3abdallah delibrately ignored her, he even ate from everything on the table except for the waffles she had made for him, he obviously knew she made it for him but he still ignored it. I can't even tell her that maybe he wasn't hungry because he ate from everything else.
After breakfast 3abdallah excused himself saying that he was tired and he wanted to sleep. As soon as he walked out of the room Fa6oom started crying and ran into S3ood's arms,
"Shhh Fa6oom it's ok, ya3ny you knew he would react this way only in the beginning o ba3dain beyseer 3adi, please don't cry"
"S3ood he hates me so much.. he hates me and I can't blame him. Ya3ny I did let him down, bas wallah I couldn't do anything wallah. I wanted to call him but everytime I tried I would hang up dreading his reaction. I don't blame him wallah, I deserve this, he's always been there for me o ana ma sawait lah shay."
"Fa6ma you stood by his wife when she needed you, he saw that.. just give him time" I said to her, she shook her head quietly in agreement,
"Yes maybe he just needs time"
The question is.. how long will he need?
Until next time..