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Hello, My name is.. (12)

Dear Diary,
What do I wear for my first date?
I washed my hair, curled it, exfoliated well, applied my trusted mascara, eyeliner and lipgloss combo. And now the crucial moment.. what do I wear? I tossed out nearly all my clothes on the bed trying to figure out what to wear.. All the girls were here trying to help me but it just made me more tense, so I kicked them all out. Now I'm alone in my room in the middle of the pile of clothes.
Too late to go shopping now.
It's too cold to wear a dress, but I don't want to wear jeans, he sees me in jeans everyday! ufff.. shasawy!! I want to wear a dress.. I'll wear a dress.. so what if I freeze? He said we're only going for dinner so we will be indoors. Ok so it's decided. I will wear a dress with wool tights and my new cape. Perfect. I can't wait!
Last night he called me before going to bed, and we ended up talking for eight hours, I couldn't believe it when I saw my watch, thank God I didn't have any classes this morning, I slept at 8 am! But I loved the conversation, it was so worth it.. we talked about everything.. he talked about his life in Kuwait and how he wishes he knew his father, and his father's family.. how growing up he always wanted a brother and that until the age of 10 he had an imaginary friend called Fahad, who was replaced by the real Fahad at that age when Fahad joined Ahmed's class. That's so cute! Fahad is like a brother to him, I'm actually glad he's found someone like him, just like I have my Juju. He said he wants me to meet Fahad properly and that I will like him, I think I will, well if he's anything like Ahmed I'm sure I will. I also want him to meet my friends.
Oh I think I'm rambling too much.
Shit, I have half an hour to meet him! I better get going.. will give you an update as soon as I come back home!
Wish me luck..
Until next time..