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Forgive me father, for I have sinned..

She sat on the floor in the corner of her room, crouching and hugging her knees, as her father towered over her,
"Tell me! How long have you known him?" Screamed her father,
She silently rocked her body, as tears streamed down her face,
"I'm talking to you! Answer me!" he yelled as he kicked her with his left foot.
Her older brother was standing in the corner waiting for his turn to hit her, while her mother begged the father to stop what he was doing and to reason with her instead.
Her father continued to question her and she continued her silence as he kicked her, slapped her and punched her weak body.
"Your daughter has brought disgrace to the family! You have not brought her up properly!" he said as he turned to the mother and walked away, leaving his son to continue the job that he was already doing so well.
"Please.." she said looking at her brother pleadingly,
"How dare you?" he answered, continuing the beating session.
She had been caught red handed that day, leaving her boyfriend's car after a long date, the smile wiped from her face with the slap that her brother had given her.
With every blow she remembered his touch, his kisses and the way he held her.
With every blow she remembered how he ran away and left her to face her angry family.
She didn't even have the power to defend herself.
"Forgive me.." she whispered, when the beating was over,
"I wish you had chosen right" answered her younger brother who was watching from far, as he picked her up and laid her slowly on her bed, kissing her forehead.
"I wish I had.." she answered.