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Mirror.. (End)

I don’t do Happily Ever Afters.

I do believe they happen, just not to me. 

I’m not a princess in a Disney fairytale, I’m too selfish, too arrogant, too spoilt. I would be one of Cinderella’s ugly sisters if I weren’t too beautiful.

But somehow, my Happily Ever After came.

He’s right here, sleeping next to me, I fall asleep every night to the soothing, rhythmic sound of his breath, and wake up every morning to sweet sound of his voice.

I must’ve done something right to deserve this. Or maybe it was my mother’s prayers, yes, must be her prayers.

Sara and Talal also got married, I let them go first, she had the big wedding, the guests flying in from all over the world, the flowers, the singers, the glitz and glamour. For once in my life I was happy to have the light shining on someone else, I let my friend be the star. I was content, because I knew that what I had with Saif was not about the wedding and the dress, it was about the journey we were about to start together. So after a quiet ceremony at home, he held my hand and we started our life together. I’m not claiming to have changed completely, I guess no one ever does, but Saif says that I’m evolving. Do I still have a rush of pride when I see men looking at me? Of course I do, but nothing makes me more proud than when I tell people he’s my husband, and that I’m the lucky one.

Does it scare me sometimes? Of course it does. There’s nothing more scary than happiness, because in a moment it can vanish, and I pray to God that he remains a constant in my life, for my life without him would be too painful to bear.

‘Can you stop watching me sleep?’ he whispered in his sleepy voice,
‘I’m sorry 7abeeby’
‘I love you’ he whispered, his lips softly kissing my hand
‘I love you too’ and I look up to the sky and thank Allah for all the blessings He has given me.