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Senses.. (1)

She squeezed her eyes shut as she caught a whiff of his perfume, inhaling deeply, trying to recapture the fleeting memories connected to those short moments she had with him. Easing her eyes open she sighed with a nostalgic smile and looked away, berating herself for thinking of him after all those years, a frown creasing her smooth forehead as she wondered why she was remembering him so much, today of all days.
He was never out of her mind; that's true, but today, today felt different. Today he was in the forefront of her memories, rather than lurking in the shadows. She sighed again and looked around, trying to catch her colleague's eye to tell her that it was time for lunch, but her colleague was busy talking to someone, someone with a familiar back, she smiled again, remembering the way he slouched his shoulders, and how she lovingly ran her fingers across his back as she scolded him to straighten his back.
She shook her head as if to drive away the memories and kept staring at her friend who was blatantly flirting with the guy she was talking to; she could hear her twinkling giggle and the guy's low chuckle. Was she imagining things? No, that can't be. First his smell, his back and now his laugh?
She frowned again, trying to concentrate, 'damn those open space offices' she thought,'you see everyone and everyone sees you, no privacy whatsoever'. She leaned forward trying to get a better look at her colleague's visitor just as he was turning around to face her.
She suddenly felt like all her vital organs were conspiring against her; her breath was stuck somewhere between her throat and lungs, her heart started beating in her ears and her brain was sending signals to her hands to start trembling.
Was it possible that the moment she has been creating in her mind for years, was finally here?