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Senses.. (7)

She sat at her desk, trying to concentrate at the emails on the screen in front of her, but the harder she tried to push his image from her mind the more she thought of him.
Her phone ringing suddenly was like a savior for her, her boss was calling,
"I hope this is something very important and would need all my concentration" she thought as she picked up her phone,
"Na3am Mr. Abdullah"
"Nouf, ana ma3ay Dr. Fahad, I don't know if you've met him officially, but anyway I guess you know him since he tells me you two went to school together?"
"Umm.. yeah briefly" she mumbled, great now everyone will think they're best friends, she thought.
"Well anyway, I'm handing over the Massila project to him, he will be handling it fully and since you were the focal point from our department you will be working full time with him on this. I need you to brief him today so he can be prepared for the board meeting at the end of the week. Ma awa9eech, you know how important this project is for us, right?"
"Of course" she whispered,
"Kafo, yallah he's expecting you in his office, please take all the paper work with you, I know this is isn't a one day job but there's no time."
"Sure lat7aty, we can take care of it"
"I'm sure you can."
She hung up the phone and looked despondently at Manal,
"I can't believe this is happening"
"What? Why?" asked Manal rushing over to her desk,
"They're expecting me to, and I quote, work closely with Dr. Fahad, which shouldn't be a problem since we go waay back!"
"Yeah," she said picking up her files, "I have to brief him on the Massila project, he's taking over"
"Ooooh… Good luck with that"
"Thanks, although luck doesn’t seem to be on my side these days"
She walked over to his office, the sound of her heels clicking against the cold marble echoing the rapid beats of her heart. She slowly knocked on his door, hoping that he wasn't inside; almost immediately she heard his response from behind the closed door.
"Come in"
She took a deep breath and walked into the office.
As soon as she walked in his heart skipped a few beats, and then it started to beat furiously, as if trying to make up for the ones it missed. It surprised him how she could still take his breath away, he had to admit, she was beautiful but she wasn't the most beautiful he'd seen, however there was something about her that just got to him, something he couldn't put his finger on. He watched her as she walked into the office, obviously uncomfortable, and he smiled, her discomfort showing that she still had some type of emotions towards him, it didn't matter whether they were negative or positive, what mattered was that he got under her skin just like she got under his.
She sat on the chair opposite his desk and tucked her abaya under her as she crossed her legs, she could feel his eyes on her which made her even more nervous.
The two of them sat for what seemed like hours silently, her studying her nails, unable to look at him, and him unable to move his gaze off of her, until the knock on the door broke the spell.
The tea boy had come in to ask if they wanted anything,
"Shteshrebeen?" he asked,
"Green tea" she said ignoring him and directing her words to the tea boy,
"I'll have one too please" he said, "please close the door behind you" he instructed the young man, "you have a lot of papers, maybe we should move to the table there?"
"aha" she agreed nodding her head.
"Haty 3anech" he said gently taking the files from her hands,
"Mala da3y, I can carry files on my own thank you" she snapped at him,
"Now now, I'm only being a gentleman Nouf, no need to be so hostile" he said with a sarcastic smile,
"Oh yeah, you're always the perfect example of a gentleman aren't you?"
"I'm sorry, we're here for work, let me start from the beginning of the project"
"Sure go ahead.."
She sat on the chair and he grabbed the chair right next to her, she slowly started explaining how the project started, her involvement and what plans she had been working on. For a moment she forgot who he was, they were two people working on something important and she was impressed, she had forgotten how intelligent he was, how he had an eye for detail, how he never missed anything and she found herself enjoying working with him.
A few hours later, their cold untouched tea still in front of them, he leaned back on his chair, stretching his back,
"Aaaaaaaaaaah, I think we deserve a break don't you"
"I guess, but we still have a lot to go through." She said looking at her watch, it was past midday, which gave them only a few hours before the end of the working day,
"I don't mind staying after hours, do you?" he said raising one eyebrow,
"Umm, I guess not" she answered, the thought of being alone with him in an empty office wasn't something she was looking forward to, but so far he has been professional.
"Good, maybe we should order lunch?"
"No, I'm fine thank you, I don't want anything; order for yourself" she couldn't go through a meal with him, no, it was too soon.
"Fine then I won't eat unless you eat" he said flashing her one his famous grins and showing off his dimple,
"Fine, suit yourself" she said shrugging her shoulders. She stood up to walk around the office for a bit to soothe her aching muscles, they have been sitting for the past 4 hours and her legs and shoulders were feeling numb.
"Nice louboutins" he said as he watched her,
"Thanks" she said,
"Come on, don't I at least get a smile for knowing what louboutins are?"
She stared silently at him, is this what he wants to do? She though, act as if nothing had happened and that they were friends?
She walked back to her seat picking up a new file,
"Let's not waste time, I don't want to spend the night here" she said abruptly,
"Fine" he whispered, getting closer to her to read the paper in her hand,
"Excuse me, tegdar twa5er shway? The cigarettes on your breath are bothering me" she lied, the combination of the cigarettes and his perfume was intoxicating, all she wanted to do was get even closer and lose herself in his smell.
"I'm sorry," he said pushing the chair away from her with a hurt look on his face.
Yestahel, she thought.
"When did you pick that up anyway?" she asked, frowning, he never used to smoke before, now he takes a cigarette break every hour.
"Just another bad habit I guess" he mumbled,
"'3areeba, you were always a health freak"
"Why? Are you worried about me?"
"Of course not, I wouldn't care if you swallowed them alight" she said, shrugging her shoulders again,
"Can we get back to this? I don't want to spend the night here" he said in an agitated voice, obviously mimicking her.
She nodded, and was quickly drawn back to the papers in front of her.