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Senses.. (20)

She took in a deep breath as she left his office. She couldn’t believe the conversation that had just took place inside, does that mean he still loves her? Did he ever love her? She couldn’t help but remember how good they were together, how he treated her with respect but she also couldn’t forget how it all ended. It was a complete disaster.
She busied herself the rest of the day and tried to keep him out of her mind, but somehow he kept creeping in to her thoughts.
It was a Thursday afternoon, which meant that she had the weekend to look forward to and recover from the emotional rollercoaster that she has been going through lately, away from Fahad and the drama.
She nestled into her soft bed and hugged her pillows as she started playing a movie on her ipad when she felt her phone vibrating.
Her heart skipped a beat when she recognized his number flashing on her screen,
‘Hi, can I speak to my friend?’
‘La wallah, this is what you want isn’t it?’
‘Yes’ she wasn’t so sure, it seemed like she was playing with her own heart rather than his, but this is a game she started, she will have to finish it, who knows, she might end up winning.
‘What are you doing?’
‘Nothing, I’m in bed, I was just about to start watching the king’s speech’
‘Can I watch it with you? I’ve been meaning to bs never got around to it’
‘And how are you planning on watching it with me inshallah?’
‘I have it on DVD, we’ll watch it over the phone together, layroo7 mo5ech b3eed,’
She could feel the blood rising to her face as he continued,
‘although, I wouldn’t mind if you invited me to snuggle in next to you in your bed’ he whispered.
‘Fahad. Stop.’
‘Hahaha ok ok I’m sorry, we’re friends, khalas I’m in friends mode wallah. Bas wait let me set up my DVD player.’
She heard him as he fidgeted around in his room and then she could hear the rustling of his bed sheets as he got in to bed himself,
‘ok I’m ready, I’m hugging my nephew’s teddy bear,  I’ll just have to imagine that I’m holding you instead.’
‘I can’t imagine you with a teddy bear, so you collect them now?’ she said teasingly,
‘Laaa, heey! I was sick a while ago and my nephew gave me his favorite bear, he said it will make me feel better.’
‘hmm, interesting’
‘Ok, shh yallah lets watch the movie’
She tried to focus on the characters in front of her but she kept thinking of him, and wishing that he was holding her, her head resting on his chest, his steady heartbeat under her hand.
‘Ha? La I didn’t..’
‘So, what did you think of the movie?’
‘It was good’
‘I enjoyed it, but I would’ve enjoyed it more if you were really with me.’
‘Fahad, stop. We’re supposed to be friends’
‘I hate admitting this to you Nouf, because it proves to me how stupid I was back then, but you were the best thing that ever happened to me’
She felt a tear slipping through her closed lashes as she heard the words she has been waiting to hear for years,
‘It’s too late Fahad. Too little, too late.’ She heard his deep sigh and it broke her heart, knowing that he still had feelings for her, would she allow herself to get into the Fahad rollercoaster again? Or should she walk away now before she gets in too deep?
‘Friends Noufa?’
‘Friends Fahad.’