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Senses.. (3)

They both turned at the source of the sound at the same moment, their hearts beating in sync, at the same rapid pace.
"Umm, Nouf this is Dr. Fahad, our new Director of business development" her colleague Manal said, interrupting their silent conversation.
She silently nodded as he continued to stare at her; how was she supposed to respond? Can she tell her that she already knows him, that she knows the five small wrinkles that appear at the corner of his eyes when he smiles? Or that she used to smooth the deep line between his eyebrows when he frowned with concentration? Or that she used to kiss the dimple on his left cheek when he gave her one of his mischievous grins?
He stared at her confused eyes as she nodded silently, her lips parting awkwardly as if she was considering what she had to say next. Should he mention that he knew her? He knew her so well that he knew her fists were clenched nervously under the table; he knew that if he didn't break the tension soon she would most likely start crying and he knew that he was the only one who was able to stop her tears by holding her and kissing her tears away.
"No need for the introductions," he said smiling at Manal, "Nouf and I used to study at the same university."
"Oh great, you didn't tell me you knew who was taking that position?" she said directing her gaze at Nouf.
"I didn't know he was" she mumbled under her breath, "We lost touch a long time ago" she finished, looking him straight in the eye and raising her eyebrow slightly, as if challenging him to continue the explanation.
"I see, anyway, welcome to the company" said Manal, watching the two of them standing awkwardly opposite each other.
"Yes, welcome" said Nouf, giving him one of the fake smiles she has learnt to perfect, "Manal and I are heading for lunch. It was great seeing you again" she said grabbing her friend's arm and pulling her towards the exit. Her heart was beating so fast, and she could feel the tears accumulating in her eyes, threatening to fall at any second.
He stared helplessly at her as she rushed out of the door.
"I need an explanation" said Manal watching her friend as she pressed the elevator button repeatedly.
"That's a long story.." she replied,
"Well I'm ready to listen."
She sighed and replied helplessly, "Ok."