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Senses.. (22)

'This was supposed to be one of the best days of my life.' she thought as she stared at her reflection in the mirror. Her hair was set in perfect curls down her back, she was wearing a demure, simple long dress, with delicate jewelery adorning her small ears and neck. Today was the day her future in laws are coming to see her for the first time. She tried to smile at the miserable beauty staring at her from the mirror, six years ago she would have given anything for this moment, she would have been ecstatic at the prospect of marrying Fahad.
How ironic was it that she was being forced into marrying the love of her life?
She recalled her conversation with her mother as she announced that this time she has had enough and won't allow her daughter to dismiss yet another suitor,
'Bas 3ad Noufo, latfakreen roo7ech yahel! Ilrayal ma yen3ab, met3alem, o weld nas feehum khair, o she'3la zain. Ba3ad shtabeen akthar min chethy?'
How can she explain to her mother that she cannot trust this man, even though he was all she wanted from this world? She cried and pleaded until in the end she finally gave up. Her mother would never understand, unless she told her the whole story.
How can she tell her that this same perfect man broke her heart six years ago?
'Ma'am they're here..' announced her maid, she looked at her and nodded,
'I'm coming..' she said, slipping her feet into her waiting Manolos, and giving her self one last glance in her mirror.
As she neared the large majlis where the guests were waiting for her grand entrance, she could smell the fragrant 3ood wafting through the open doors. She forced a smile on her face and entered the room.
'Mashallah, tabarak ilra7man' his mother got up as Nouf neared her and kissed her on her head, she then moved on to his sister Dana, and kissed her cheeks as both mother and daughter watched her in approval, 'ta3aly yumma ge3dy 7thay' smiled the mother kindly, she couldn't help but notice that she had her son's beautiful eyes and Dana had his genuine contagious smile.
The evening went on beautifully, the women loved the bride to be, the groom was the happiest man on Earth.
'I love you. I can't believe this is happening'
She read his message one more time and cried herself to sleep.