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Senses.. (6)

She woke up with his name on her lips,
"Fahad…" she whispered, her voice still hoarse from her troubled sleep, she opened her eyes and buried her face in her soft, fluffy pillow. Just then, her alarm announced that it was time for her to begin the new day. Reluctantly she shuffled out of her warm bed to start her daily morning routine.
He stood in the parking lot smoking his morning cigarette, reassuring himself that he doesn't have feelings for her anymore, and even if he did, so what? He's a successful professional, he won't let old feelings get in the way of his work, besides, it was all a long time ago, they both shouldn't care, they can get past it and can have a reasonable work relationship, they don't have to be best friends, they just have to work together and respect each other, at least in front of people.
He turned around, taking the last drag out of his cigarette just as she was driving in to the parking lot, he watched her, mesmerized as her car slid in to the space, she sat in her car for a few seconds, her elegant fingers fidgeting with the machine as she switched it off and slowly climbed out of the car. His eyes travelled from her slim stilettos up to her beautiful face. She had always been into details, everything was always perfect, from her hair to her nails, her clothes and accessories, she still is perfect, he thought. He sighed as he stepped over his now dead cigarette stub, and watched her as she ascended the stairs in to their office building,
"This is not going to be easy" he said, talking to himself.
She had a feeling someone was watching her as she drove into the parking lot, she sat in her car for a few seconds, reassuring herself that she was only being paranoid, until she caught a glimpse of him in her rear view mirror, standing in the punishing September heat, smoking with a deep frown on his face, as if he was having a serious conversation.
"Great, it's not enough that I dream of him, now he's the first person I see in the morning, and I look like shit," she mumbled, "and why the hell does he get to look so good?"
She took a deep breath, leaving her car, promising herself that she won't let him get to her, but she couldn't help sneaking a peek at him, as he ground his cigarette stub under his foot.