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Senses.. (12)

Feeling defeated, he picked up the phone and called his sister,
"Dana" he said weakly,
"What's wrong 7abeeby?"
"I'm such an idiot"
"Who else would it be?"
"What happened?"
"I don't know, she just.. I don't know"
"What's wrong?"
"I don't know how to deal with her Dana, she intimidates me"
"Hahaha the great Fahad is intimidated by a little girl?"
"It's not funny Dana."
"Shway it is.. hahah"
"I don't know what to do"
"Inzain tell me what happened? Why are you so upset?"
"I feel guilty"
"Fahad it happened a long time ago"
"Yes but it wasn't easy, and now we're both in each other's lives and I don't know how to deal with her, Dana she's no longer Nouf, not my Nouf"
"Fahad you're not the same person either, you're older, more mature. At that point in your life you weren't emotionally stable, and my accident.."
"Nouf that's not an excuse, your accident is not something we should blame for everything, I mean look at Hamad, we're both the same age but he stepped up, he was there for you and now look where you two are, you're happy with your little family, and look at where I am."
"Fahad hearing about my accident when you're so far wasn't easy, and like you said she was there and.."
"I told you that's no excuse, it was difficult, yes but there's no excuse. Dana I let her down. I would've killed Hamad if he ever did that to you, put yourself in her shoes, imagine you saw Hamad in that position.."
"I would kill him!"
"See? So why would she accept it from me?"
"Inzain bs if you told her what actually happened, maybe she would listen?"
"You think that if I told her that my sister and her husband had an accident, she was about to die and I was so worried about her that I ended up sleeping with another girl, would that sound good? Does it even sound good to you? I sound like an asshole even to myself!"
"Wallah! I mean look at Hamad, he stood by you, he was there for you until you became well again! And what did I do? I mean she didn't even need me, she just mentioned commitment and I ran away. I'm such a coward, and she deserves so much better"
"O ba3dain ya3ny?"
"I don't know.. I told you, I feel guilty."
"Fahad.. you still have feelings for her right?"
He remained quiet for a few seconds, considering the words before they left his lips,
"Yes" he finally admitted.


Anonymous said...

I hate fahad please don't let them end up together 💔