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Senses.. (11)

He watched her, stunned, as she stormed out of his office, and he wondered how the sweet natured girl he fell in love with has changed into this angry woman. Was it entirely his fault? He would never know, but even if he wasn't entirely to blame, surely the majority of the responsibility did fall on his shoulders.
He sighed as he remembered how well she took care of him; she was always there when he was sick, she supported him while he was studying, she was there for him whenever he needed her; she was there to the extent that it scared him how dedicated she was to him, and how dependant he got on her. He remembered how the second he had stepped into that shower that day after sleeping with Zaina, he had realised how big of a mistake he had just made, he was debating whether or not he should tell her, of course he would, he thought at the time that if he explained what happened that day with his sister and her husband then she would understand, surely she would understand that he wasn't in a state of mind to think, he was upset, he was stressed, and Zaina was there, available and willing, she comforted him, she held him, and one thing led to another, it was literaly out of his hands until it happened. He shook his head, realising how lame he sounded, even to himself. He wasn't an animal, he was a man; a man supposedly in love.
But I was in love, he thought, it killed him to see her a week later, so much thinner, looking exhausted, her smile completely wiped from her face. How he had wished he could walk up to her, kiss her and tell her then and there that she was the only important thing in his life, and that he would give up all women to be with her and her only. But it seemed like fate was against him, a few moments before she walked in Zaina had finally caught up to him and somehow draped herself all over him, he was trying to push her away when Nouf walked into the hallway and saw them together. He would never forget the look she gave him, everything she would have ever wanted to say was translated in that look, it wasn't hatred, it wasn't anger, it was as if she was revolted by him, and he couldn't blame her. He had tried calling her before that day, but seeing her just made him realise that all his efforts were futile, there was no way she would want to be with him again, plus she was better off without him, she deserved someone who would take care of her, cherish her and appreciate her for the beautiful person she is.