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Senses.. (18)

She returned to her office with a smile on her face, she couldn't help but feel happy, she missed the way he made her feel and this short encounter reminded her of what she had been missing, how her heart fluttered from something as simple as him touching her hand. She sighed as she sat on her chair, absent mindedly twirling a pen between her fingers.
"5air 5air, shakla it was a successful meeting" said Manal laughing at her friend,
"Manool! Kalba!"
"Tell me, what happened?"
"Wala shay, ge3adna we went through a few papers bas"
"3ayaaaaaaaara! The hearts floating in your eyes are saying something else!"
"Ee tell me! I want to know!"
"Wala shay, he kissed my hand o hawashta o yait"
"Way galby" she said mocking her friend, "lo ana chan I fainted"
"Hehhe bas 3ad. I don't want him to think ina 5ala9 everything is ok"
"Why not? Yallah 3ad, you clearly care about him"
"Madry Manal, sometimes a7es I do bs then I don't know if I can trust him"
He sat smiling as he typed in a message on his phone,
I'm sorry if the kiss bothered you, I promise not to repeat it again, but please la te7remeeny shoftech.
He cursed himself for his impulsive actions, but he couldn't resist, having her so close to him without being able to touch her was pure torture. He sighed as he nervously typed in her number and pressed send. He stared at his phone for the next five minutes waiting for her to respond to his message, feeling desperate he started pacing his office while holding his phone. Ten minutes later he left his office and walked quickly over to hers, he could hear her laughter through the door as he approached her office, he walked in to find her and her friend laughing with a tall guy who was standing with his back to the door. So that was why she wasn't answering his message, he stood at the door, furious at her and himself for acting like a teenager. Just as he was about to back away from the door her friend saw him,
"Oh hello, tfa'6al, were you looking for Nouf?" she said smiling and inviting him in,
"La it's ok, Nouf ta3aleely ilmaktab when you're free" he said turning around and walking away,
"I'm free now" she replied smiling and getting up, following him out of the door, "hey, slow down!" she called as she followed him in to his office, "laish ga3ed tarke'6? I'm wearing heels!" she giggled as she closed the door behind her, "5air? What's wrong?" She could sense that he was upset but she wasn't sure why, she had just gotten his message and was about to reply when he walked in to her office.
"Mafy shay, asef ge6a3t ur conversation, you were obviously having fun"
"Oh you mean Abdullah?" so he's the jealous one now? That's interesting, she thought.
"I don't know who he is and I don't care" he replied abruptly, "I came because I was waiting for your feedback"
"You have my feedback" she said smiling and moving closer to him,
"Ma le7agty tegrain the documents.."
"Oh, I thought you meant the message, I'm sorry, my mistake" she said turning around, he grabbed her hand and pulled her closer,
"Your feedback?"
"I'm here aren't I?" she whispered, pushing him away from her.


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