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Senses.. (10)

He sat at his desk his hand poised over his phone, debating whether or not he should call her, well he needed to call her, it was for work after all. He started to dial her extension number then stopped, maybe he should just email her, he thought, but what if he had further questions? Then it might be better to request a meeting, or should he just call her and ask her to come over to his office?
"Uff mub 7ala hay!" he exclaimed, pushing the phone away from him. He marched out of his office and headed over to her office space,
"Na3am," she answered lifting her head away from the papers in front of her,
"Can you please come over to my office? I need to ask you a couple of questions about the project, and I need to discuss with you the board's feedback on the proposal."
"Sure," she shrugged, "just give me a few minutes" she continued as he nodded and left the office as abruptly as he walked in.
"Shfeh hay?" asked Manal as soon as he left,
"Madry. I'll go and see."
"Are you ok?"
"Yeah shda3wa, ma byakelny" she said, forcing a fake laugh out of her mouth.
She walked nervously to his office and knocked the door before she walked in,
"Tefa'6ely" he said, watching her as she walked in to the office, "have a seat please"
"Thanks, 5air how was the meeting?"
"Good, it was good" he said nodding absent mindedly.
"Ok.." she said watching him, expecting him to continue while he sat silently just looking at her.
"Umm, Dr. Fahad?"
"Dr. Fahad?" he repeated quizzically,
"Yes, isn't that your name?"
"No, my name is Fahad, Nouf"
"Here you're Dr. Fahad"
"But to you I'll always be Fahad"
She took in a deep breath before she answered,
"Dr. Fahad, please, I came here because you said you wanted to talk to me about work, if you don't then please do excuse me because I have other things to do" she said angrily, starting to get up.
"Nouf please have a seat, I do want to talk about work but I can't concentrate when you're here in front of me!"
"Excuse me??"
"I mean I feel like I'm walking on eggshells all the time, I can't be myself and I feel it’s the same for you, so please, let's agree to forget that I'm me and you're you, let's just concentrate on the job and try to respect each other."
"But that's what I'm doing now, Dr. Fahad. I'm treating you just like I would treat any other colleague, you just started work here two days ago, how friendly would you expect me to be? I'm here for work and for work only, please if you have any comments or feedback, kindly do email them to me" she said getting up and walking away from his desk, "oh, and regarding respect, I think you know that it has to be earned, and you've done nothing so far to earn my respect" she finished, storming out of his room.