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Senses.. (End)

He stood as usual smoking his morning cigarette and waiting for her to arrive, it became their morning ritual, to walk in to the office building together. He smiled as she walked towards him,
'I thought you were gonna quit smoking' she said, feigning anger at him, she reached out to take his cigarette as he was bringing it closer to his lips but he quickly grabbed her hand and pulled her closer,
'If you touch me here, I will pull you and kiss you' he whispered,
'Hahaha, then don't touch my cigarette while I'm smoking it, don't start something that you can't finish'
'Fahad! you're unbelievable! I'm going in'
'Haha ta3aly ta3aly, I'm just kidding, hah yallah I threw it out' he said as he stepped over the cigarette stub, 'I will quit 7abeebty bs shway shway, I can't do it over night'
'Ok, fine.'
He followed her into the building smiling, he couldn't believe it was finally happening, they were officially now man and wife, waiting for the wedding to take place in six months. The legal ceremony took place quietly at home, she didn't want to make a fuss, she just wanted the two families and her close friends; he didn't care, he just wanted her.

The wedding was everything she had wanted, small, intimate, with only her friends and both their families. She felt her knees weaken as he walked towards her, tall and handsome in his bisht, beaming at her.
'I have wished for this moment for years, you are now truly mine, I love you' he told her and kissed her forehead. Everything after that was a blur to her, it was now time to go up to their bridal suite, again fear and anxiety gripped her heart, where do they go after this?

'Yes ya 3yoon Fahad'
'Do you think we'll become one of those boring couples?' she said as she sat next to him on the sofa,
'Haha why?'
'I don't know, you think now after the wedding things will become mundane? I mean there won't be passion left?'
'Is this a trick question?'
'No! I'm serious. I always have this fear of you getting bored of me' she whispered,
'First, I would never ever take you for granted ever again, I've said that a million times, I could never face losing you again. Second, I won't get bored, things might get mundane, we will probably fight, at some point we might want to kill each other, but I will always, always love you. And I look forward to spending the rest of my life with you.'
'I don't know..'
'Listen, we have a lot ahead of us, first I want to enjoy you, spending time with you, traveling and having fun, and then we're having the kids and I want a lot of them, because I love kids and because I will enjoy making them with you' he said grinning,
'Haha don't yell at me, you are now officially my wife, I will love you, respect you and cherish you for the rest of my life and I will do my best to make you as happy as you make me, now can we start our life together?'


Young Writer said...

I've been a silent reader for a while, but I did follow your blog, wondering if that makes me much of a silent reader! Anyway, absolutely adored the ending, simple, romantic, happy and perfect! The whole story was well written, and really appealing to the senses, especially the sight! I felt like I was with the characters! Loved the story and all the others as well! Can't wait for the next story, that is if you write one! Good luck either ways xoxo

-A Girl (@agirlblogging)

M said...

Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it, not sure if there will be anything else, let's see :)

Anonymous said...

I have read ur posts from day 1 and reread everything when you took a long time posting... Please dont stop it always made my day and ur writing is amazing my dear... I lived through the good and bad and actually cried through it and smiled

M said...

that's so sweet :) I'll do my best to continue

Anonymous said...

Aww :'). Such a nice ending they got Married yay. Sooo nice. I love ur blog. U r very talented :D awesome work M