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New Year.. (9)


That, in one word is how my life has been going. I don't think I could describe it in any other way. I wake up every morning with a message from him, we talk, we laugh; it could be considered boring if it weren't so perfect.

Ahmed: What are you doing?
Alia: Procrastinating. You?
Ahmed: Procrastinating. I'm supposed to be working on next year's budget.
Alia: I'm supposed to be reading a journal article on Education.
Ahmed: But instead you're reading our message history and thinking of me?
Alia: Haha. No, I'm reading an article on mid-heels and how they're making a come back.
Ahmed: And what are your thoughts on this controversial subject?
Alia: I think it's ridiculous. You can't pretend to be in heels when you're in a 3 inch heel.
Ahmed: I love a woman with strong convictions. It's either black or white with you huh?
Alia: Yes. You're either in or out.
Ahmed: I'm in :)
Alia: I know you are. You can't help it :)
Ahmed: I really can't.

I smiled at his text, knowing that he genuinely meant that, and I felt comfort in that; in knowing that he feels about me exactly the same way I feel about him, I was, finally, after all these years over Khaled.


Anonymous said...

LOVEEE !!!! But make the posts longer:( !!

Anonymous said...

Love plz post soon !!! ❤️

Miss Glamorous said...

Gosh, this is so so so good. I'm excited, don't keep us tuned for too long please.