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New Year.. (5)

Ahmed: Good morning sleeping beauty
Alia: Hey, good morning
Ahmed: Slept well?
Alia: Yeah, you?
Ahmed: Yes. Would I sound lame if I said I've been thinking about you?
Alia: Yes you would :)

I laughed as I typed my message to him, I was still lying in bed, feeling good after our long conversation last night. I have to call Mariam to give her all the updates.
Ahmed: Ok then I won't say that :)
Ahmed: What are you doing today?
Alia: I don't know, no plans. Maybe dinner with the girls . You?
Ahmed: Just finished Friday prayers, going to the beach now
Alia: Taqabal Allah. Isn't it too cold?
Ahmed: I'm a tough boy ;) I can handle it
Alia: Boy? That's an interesting choice of words :)
Ahmed: Haha fine, have fun I'll talk to you later
Alia: You too

I got up to take a shower and change before talking to Mariam, when I came back I found another missed call from Khaled.

'Hey, good morning'
'Guess who called me last night?'
'Ahmed? Ahmed! Oh my god tell me everything!'
'Haha why are you so excited?'
'Because, he's cute and you've been single for ever'
'So have you!'
'Yeah well, you should be excited for me if I find someone like him'
'When you find, not if'
'Yeah yeah. Enough about me, tell me what happened?'
'He texted me when I left your house, then he called around midnight and we talked until 6 am'
'Bas? That's all your gonna tell me? You talked?'
'Haha yeah, you want me to go through the whole conversation?'
'No just give me the highlights'
'Well, he's 33, studied in the US, he was in a serious relationship with someone for a long time, but I didn't ask who, he said she wasn't from here but I don't know maybe she used to study with him?'
'Why didn't you ask?'
'I don't know, it's too soon, plus I don't want him to ask about my history'
'You don't have much of a history'
'No, but there's Khaled, I'm not comfortable talking about him, I don't know how he is, I mean some guys become weird when they know you were with someone before'
'He doesn't seem like one of those guys, he seems quite cool'
'Yeah but still. And Khaled is still calling me'
'Did you answer?'
'No. I don't want to'
'Maybe you should hear what he has to say, if only to stop him from calling you all the time'
'He's been saying the same bullshit, I love you, I miss you, bla bla bla. He's calling again' I said as I looked at my call waiting, 'maybe I should answer, let me call you back'

'Na3am' I said, finally taking his call,
'Good morning'
'What do you want Khaled?'
'I want to explain things'
'I don't want to hear them, please stop harassing me. I've moved on with my life, I'm fine and I just want you to leave me alone'
'No buts please, really, I've had enough. Just stop calling me, stop it, it's annoying and frankly a bit pathetic.'
'I see. Ok then..'
'Bye' and I shut the phone.


Anonymous said...

AweSome story !!!!!!!!! :)

Mer said...

We're curious, we want to know what Khaled has to say. Maybe its something important! But seriously, we're so in love with this story, we can't wait for what comes next!

Lots to Love

Anonymous said...

More Ahmed please! You are such a talented writer xx

Anonymous said...

killa at5ayal ina 5aled 7irmita matat and he moved here hoping mariam and 3alia would help!!! Idiot :) I was just rereading Hello my name is and thought about starting this too! I missed your writing *hearts** - Queen Cow

M said...

Lol that would be convenient