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It sometimes hurts more when you know you shouldn't be hurt..

You know it's coming, you expect the way it feels, you anticipate its arrival and yet somehow you are never prepared for the pain engulfing your heart.

This is how I feel with you, the pain shocks me, numbs my bones and makes my heart feel like a rock was placed in my chest, even though I know what's coming.

I know you never promised me anything and yet I wait.

I wait for your voice knowing that it won't come.

I wait for you to walk through the door knowing you won't.

I wait for you to ask 'How are you?' knowing that you won't wait for the answer.

I know all of this yet I can't help hoping, that maybe, just maybe one day you'll come and the pain will go away.


Anonymous said...

💔 So true

nemo;* said...

You're back !!!! Yaaaaaaay !!! 💃👏💃👏
What about the diary revival ? Did you close it ? Or are you stopping there and just staying here ?
OHMYGOD I really can't believe you're back ! I miss you so much !!!!!

M said...

I'm back, kind of.. just continuing here :) I missed you all too glad you're still checking in

Anonymous said...

When are u going to post the next part?

Anonymous said...

when are you gonna post the next chapter of mirror! please bsor3a ga3da astaba 3ala naaar!

NYS19 said...

I cannot believe how much I can relate to this. I live with the pain each day, for years I wait for her. The pain is killing me slowly every single day. I wish I could talk to you, M. I need help desperately.