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Looking Back..

"What are you thinking of?"
"Come on.."
"I'm thinking.. no.. I was wishing for something.."
"I was wishing that I could turn back time.."
He sighed, his hands gripping hers tighter,
"Would you still love me?"
"Do you really want to know?"
"If I knew what I know now, if I knew that you would leave me, that you would break my heart, that I would suffer without you, that I would pray for you and wait for you.. that I would lose you.."
"I'm sorry.."
"Yes, I would still love you, with every part of my being I would love you.. but I would cherish you more, I would experience more, I would see more.. I would even love you more, if that was physically possible..because I would know that my time with you is not infinate, that someone else owns this time, someone else is coming after me, someone more permanent.."
"I want you to be my permanent"
"I'm not meant for you.."
"I'm only me with you.."
"You have someone else.."
"I have nothing without you.. we can continue yesterday.."
"You already have a today, and she has your tomorrow.."
"Then be my future.."
"Maybe someone else is my furture.. but you will always be my best yesterday.. the most beautiful day in my life.."