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What if.. (25)

Sultan was seething.. it's been 3 days since he sent that email.. the long heart felt email.. he thought to himself. For the first time in his relationship with Hind he was feeling vulnerable. She was always there for him, never rejected him infact she begged him to come back to her and now that he was offering her marriage she didn't even bother replying!
She's playing hard to get.. he thought to himself smiling. Satisfied with this theory Sultan contemplated what he could do to get her back.
I know.. I'll go to Doha..
Hind could feel him shuffling his legs uncomfortably under her.
"Oh sorry, te3abt 7abeeby? Bagoom 3anek" she said trying to get up from his lap.
"La ya galby, I love having you so close to me.. come here" he said pulling her closer and wrapping his arms around her waist.
"hmm inzain shgelt 3an ildo7a?" she said hoping he wouldn't get mad at her again.. but she really couldn't imagine leaving her country for good.
"Shoofy 7abeebty.. ana ma agdar ajberek tetrekeen baladek.. bs I love you.. and you love me.. so we have to be in the same country"
"hehe Bandar mn 9ijjy 3ad.. why can't you come live in Doha?"
"7abeebty ana all my work is here.. I can't drop everything and come.. you know that in addition to my company I have been running my father's business for the family.. plus there's my mother.. I can't leave her here alone.. all my brothers are married and so is Maha.. ya3ny ma laha a7ad '3airy.. it'll break her heart.."
"Hmm.. bs ya3ny ana ba3ad I have my job and my family.."
"You're family 3ala 3aini o rasy 7abeebty.. bs you're sisters are all married o so is your brother and your parents are retired and hardly stay in Doha.. as for your job don't worry.. I'll keep you busy here.." he said kissing her neck.
"hehe Bandar 3aaaaaad.. 3aib.. achoofek 5atht ra7tek.."
"hehehe 5aleeny ya galby I've been waiting for this mn zamaan.."
"heheh inzain madry wallah.. ya3ny 9a3eb a7es.."
"7abeebty.. my mum loves you.. o Maha is your best friend.. plus Saro will be getting married and moving to Kuwait with Mohammed next year when he finishes his PhD.. 7abeebty.. itha kan 3ala ahlek I promise iny awadeek lehum every month for a few days.. o itha safaraw o wedek tro7een lehum ana awadeek.. 7ayaty.. anything you want I will give you.. I promise that in Allah gadarny I'll make you the happiest person on earth.."
She felt her eyes filling up with tears, she looked at him and kissed his head..
"I love you.. let me think about it.."
"Take your time 7abeebty.. it's a tough decision and I don't want you to feel that I forced you to do something you don't want.."
She looked at his handsome face and kissed him again.. How can I say no to these eyes? she thought.
"Ha ashoofek a5athty ra7tek? heheheh" he laughed.
"Hehehe Bandaaaar!" she replied, embarresed.
"Ya 3yoona.. yallah ya galby.. 5aleena nroo7 nshoof Maha.."
"Ok 7abeeby yallah"
Hind and Bandar entered Maha's hospital room to find her and Sara both sitting on the bed with a box of Fauchon chocolates watching Grey's anatomy on tv.
"Hellooooooo girls.." said Hind as soon as she walked in.
"Oh oh she's smiling.. a5eeran.. 6ool ilre7la o ihya mada boozha 3alay! o achoof ba3aaaaaaaaaaad mn gadah.." said Sara pointing at Bandar's new ring "labestek 5atam o she made honest man out of you?"
"Heheheh Saroooo!!! Bas 3ad!!" said Hind, Maha was laughing so hard at Bandar's red face,
"Ashwa tera'6aitaw wallah.. I'm so happy for you guys!" said Sara jumping up from the bed and hugging her friends.
"I7na ba3ad happy.." said Hind looking at Bandar with a huge grin on her face.
At that moment Bandar's mother walked through the door,
"Ya 7ay Allah mn jaaana.. 7ay Allah um a7fady" said Um Bandar as she hugged Hind tightly,
"Yumma! o 7afeedek hatha ily shelta fe ba6ny 6ool halmudda! ma yen7eseb? 5ala9 awlad Bandar bey5aloonek tensy Baby 6alal o hum lessa  ma jaw" complained Maha.
"Ohhh bedaina mn il'3eera.. shefty?" said Bandar looking at Hind
"Hehehe" she giggled looking down at her feet.
"Yallah 7abeebty 3an ithnek," he said kissing Hind's head, "I have to go back to the office, tamreeny 3ala shay yumma?"
"La 7abeeby.. raby ye7fe'6ek inshallah"
He kissed his mother on her head and left the room, Hind watched him as he walked out of the room and his mother was watching her with a huge smile on her face.
"Allah y5aleekum ly inshallah" she whispered.
Sultan was smiling as he packed his suitcase.
"Baba wain betroo7?" said Baby Hind,
"Ge6ar baba.. what do you want me to bring with me?"
"Maby.. I want to go with you Daddy.."
"La 7abeebty ana raye7 3endi she'3el.. inty 5alech m3 mama hne" he said hugging her tightly.
"Mabyyyyyy" she said her eyes filling up with tears,
"Baba 7abeebty wallah ma at'a5ar" he said kissing her again.
He finished packing his suitcase and got into his car heading to the airport.
Hind felt her phone vibrating in her pocket,
Bandar Calling
She walked away from the girls and picked up the phone
"Hi 7abeeby"
"Hala ya galby.. kaifek?"
"I'm good.. miss you.."
"Ana ba3ad wallah.. listen 7abeebty something came up at work and I have to go to London tomorrow"
"Yeah.. o fakry fe ilmaw'6oo3 ily gelt lek 3anah I love you.."
"Love you too"